Steering Video- Extendable Trailer

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2019.07.03

Extendable trailer for Windmill blade

Supro Trailer produce the Extendable flatbed trailer for windmill blade transport.

The trailer could has three and four telescoping beams, and it could reach Max.60m length. Generally, it has 2 or 3 telescoping beams after the fifth round and the rear Tyre axles. And it could has 1 telescoping beam after the rear axles.

At the closed length of the trailer, it could use as Flatbed trailer.

Please check the Production information of the Extendable Flated Trailer to learn the specifications.

Windmill Blade Transporter

For the windmill blade transporters, not only the Extendable flatbed trailer, but also we have Extendable hydraulic modular trailer , Windmill blade adapter, and Windmill Tower Adapter Please visit the production information of those transporter.

Specifications of the Extendable trailer

1. The extendable trailer could reach Max. 60m length. Overall of the Extendable Trailer

2. The suspension of the Extendable trailer could be Air suspension and Mechanical suspension. The advantages of the air suspension is the balance ability cause it has automatic lifting distance. And the disadvantages of the air suspension is that it could not over load the cargo. But also, it only can accept evently loading.  So the mechanical suspension can accept overload.

3. Steering modes.

The extendable trailer could has three steering modes. One is Automatic steering ( at short length), one is Remote control steering and the last one is the Manual operation steering.

Please vist the Steering Video of the Extendable trailer ( in the Performace case) to see the operation.

Video of the Suspension

The height of the air suspension is adjustable by manual operation. And also the air suspension has very good balance ablity!

Remote control steering

Part 1

Part 2