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How to Maintain Low Bed Trailer
Author:fushenglai  Date:2017.10.30


Cometto Low bed trailer also named Construction machine transporter. It mainly used for excavator, loader, harvester and some other non-disassembly machines. SPMU


Heavy transport Tips of maintenance about low bed trailer have following cautious items:1.The turbocharger of low bed trailer between inlet-exhaust pipes must be jointed tightly and cannot have air leakage. If not, the efficiency of turbocharger will reduce highly, and the temperature of diesel engine exhaust pipes is very high, then it can damage the air valve and turbocharger. Multi axle


Modular Trailer 2.Before the new vehicle start, please inject cleaning engine oil to turbocharger and oil filter. So that the diesel engine can start with the machine in synchronization, then the turbocharger bearing can get lubrication. After the vehicle run 8000-10000km, it must change the oil filter element of turbocharger. Cometto


SPMU 3.Before the diesel engine stop, the NEW low bed trailer should keep running 3-5min under the idle speed situation, so the rotate speed and temperature of turbocharger drop down. Also please pay the attention to the sounds of turbocharger working, if you hear something abnormal, please check it immediately. Heavy transport


Multi axle4.After working 500h or 30000km, please check the clearance on the turbocharger and clear the dust and carbon deposit on the shell and blades. At this time, dismantle the turbocharger from the diesel engine and change metallic gaskets which between every exhaust pipes. Please DO NOT clean the dusts by rigid ways, but use gasoline and special washing liquid. Modular Trailer


Cometto 5.You cannot dismantle the locknuts in compressor of turbocharger of low bed trailer, or you will break the dynamic balance of turbocharger, and cause damage of turbocharger. SPMU


Heavy transport 6.If you have any disassembly parts of turbocharger, please keep it DO NOT out of shape to keep them working good. Multi axle


Modular Trailer Hope every driver have a good trip in transportation, keep in safe! Cometto

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