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How to Lengthen The Use Lift of Tire
Author:fushenglai  Date:2017.10.30

Scheuerle trailer

    Scheuerle trailer

Scheuerle trailer As we know, drivers are very concerned about the use of tires, especially the semi-trailer series, including the sidewall semi-trailer, low bed semi-trailer, because of heavy bearing capacity, that is worth to pay more attentions on tires. Moreover, driving and tire are inseparable! So that our drivers have the greatest degree of familiar with tire knowledge, especially we compile this article, for reference! Summarized as follows by Shanghai FuShengLai Foreign Trade Co.,LtCometto rimorchi

Cometto rimorchi

   Hydraulic trailers for sale First,the noise of driving, the front wheels have to be ensured accurate positioning. Our drivers know that the greatest impact of a car tires using time is the front tires! And in particular factors are focus on toe- in of front wheel and front wheel camber! If it is camber, it must accelerate the tire wear! Under the situation of toe-in of front wheel, then the main effect is the inside and outside of the accelerated tire wear! SPMT transport

    Heavy haul trailer Second, the tire pressure must be consistency! The air pressure inside the tire can be said that the life of the tire! Pressure is too low, then happen the deformation of the tire, the greater the side of the tire will be very prone to rip, but also may cause excessive heat, sothat will have promote the aging of rubber deformation, Cord fabric layer fatigue, cord broken, and so on. The worst case, can also make tires come into contact with the ground and accelerated tire wear. However, the generally low flatbed semi-trailer are to ensure that there is sufficient spare tire. Of course, if the tire pressure is too high, it will make the tire cord received excessive stretching and deformation, the elasticity of the tire will be reduced, thereby enabling the semi-trailer in motion received the load increases, and the impact of the event, then the trailer most likely generated within the crack or blasting! Scheuerle trailer

   Cometto rimorchi Third, the semi-trailer driver must have the scientific and driving habits. General drivers not only drive the processing of traffic, but also to choose gentle condition ways in traffic, to avoid as much as possible the stone, glass, metal and other may be punctured tire items, then have to avoid some chemicals on the road, or the life of the tire is very much affected! Oh! Do not overload, overload also affect tire life, not much nonsense. These are the introduction of tire life, hoping to be helpful to the majority of riders. Hydraulic trailers for sale

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