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Reasons for Difficult Start of Engine.
Author:fushenglai  Date:2017.10.30

Hydraulic trailers Hydraulic trailers

Hydraulic trailers In general case, some failures of the starter or battery will cause difficult start of the engine, and even can`t start. In this situation, we should understand the usage of the starter and battery firstly, in order to roughly determine the fault positions. If the battery use time has been more than one year, it should focus on checking the technical conditions. If the use time of battery is short,  also not overhaul the starter for a long time, it should be checked from the starter. Then according to the failure phenomenons, checking as followingCometto trailer

Module trailer 1.Start the engine and only heard "gurgling" sound of the starter solenoid switch, or when you first start the starter, the machine drive the crankshaft slowly turn a few, and then start the electromagnetic switch sounds "giggle" ring, but the crankshaft is not rotating. This phenomenon is generally belong to the failure of the battery "off the grid". Heavy haul trailers for sale

SPMT trailers 2.Temporary parking the vehicle,and every time can be started, but the vehicle has been parking for a long time or the next day, and only drive the crankshaft rotating for a short time. This phenomenon is the serious battery self-discharge, indicating that the battery is already close to retirement. Hydraulic trailers

Cometto trailer

Cometto trailer 3.Startup starter suddenly rotate of weakness, accompanied by burning rubber smell or battery at the smoke coming out, mostly extremely piles, poles fever burning pile clamps poor contact. Module trailer

Heavy haul trailers for sale 4, If start, starter drive gear with the engine flywheel ring gear issued by the impact of idling sound, for two reasons: First, the flywheel ring gear meshing cut into the surface deformation; second is the starter drive gear with the flywheel ring gear gap is too large . They can not engage, the engine will not start. SPMT trailers

Hydraulic trailers 5, The main power switch is connected, the starter drive gear on the flywheel ring gear meshing together rotation. This failure, starter solenoid switch holding coil is wrong connected to the power terminal; key switch on the three lines are wrong judgment: the key in the "0" position to start the machine drive gear does not turn, in the "2" position when starting the motor drive gear, together with the ring gear of the flywheel to rotate. Cometto trailer

Module trailer 6, The start switch to the start position of the engine and can not be started, no other phenomenons. This failure, the key switch start circuit due to wear is not turned on; Second, the starter relay is not connected to the starter solenoid switch circuit; Third, the power switch is not connected to the main circuit. Heavy haul trailers for sale

SPMT trailers 7 Startup only slightly "da" bang, no reaction, which is due to the card-issuing start relay. Then just press the electromagnet tail, forcing the electromagnet forward, you can start circuit switched, so that the engine starts. Hydraulic trailers

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