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Reasons of Fuel Consumption Jump
Author:fushenglai  Date:2017.10.30

Multi trailer

Multi trailer

Multi trailer If you find the fuel consumption increase 10% than usual, that means your trailer has some problems now. Ok, let us analyse what kind of reasons will cause this problem.  le petit nicolas trailer


Goldhoffer 1.If you find the distance of glissade reduce obviously in your trailer, please check the tyre air pressure whether within the normal standard. If the tyre inflation is not enough, the consumption of fuel will increase accordingly.  Multi axle vehicle

Solution way: Aerate the tyre to enough Self propelled trailer

Multi trailer 2.Check the attrition rate of tyre. If the attrition rate is serious, it will appear trackslip ususlly, and increase the fuel consumption.  le petit nicolas trailer
Solution way: Change new tyre Goldhoffer

Multi axle vehicle 3.When you start your trailer or under running, you hear abnormal noise, please check the bearing and braking system rapidly whether it has breakdown. If the tyre works abnormally, it will affect running speed and increase fuel consumption. Self propelled trailer
Solution way: Check bearing and braking system Multi trailer

le petit nicolas trailer 4.Clutch slipping can make engine lose numbers of revolutions. When you accelerate your vehicle quickly, and you find the engine techometer increase quickly, but the speed increase slowly, this situation show the clutch slipping.  Goldhoffer
Solution way: Change clutch plate, clutch pressure plate and other concerning parts.  Multi axle vehicle

Self propelled trailer 5.When the distance of run of your trailer arrive at 200-300 thousand kilometers, it usually happen cylinder pressure is not enough, and then the fuel consumption increase obviously.  Multi trailer
Solution way: If you have this problem, you need to mend your engine now.  le petit nicolas trailer

Goldhoffer 6.When the exhaust piple exhaust black smoke, and the fuel comsuption increase in following. Please check the carburetor.  Multi axle vehicle
Self propelled trailer Solution way:If the carburator is too dirty, please use the cleaning reagent spray to carburetor air inlet. If still has black smoke, you only can take the carburetor apart to clean.  Multi trailer

le petit nicolas trailer 7.If the spark plug hase been used for a long time, it also can cause the increase of fuel consumption. Because the spark plug failure can decrease the sparking energy, and the acceleration is slow, it can increase the fuel consumption.  Goldhoffer

Solution way: Change the spark plug Multi axle vehicle

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