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Tips of Save Oil in Low Bed Transport
Author:fushenglai  Date:2017.10.30

spmt trailer SPMT trailer

SPMT trailer In the driving process of low bed trailer, the increase of oil consumption mainly caused by worry driving habits. By report, two different level drivers drive one trailer can have 8% oil consumption difference.  We summarize 6 cautions of this problem: Modular transportation

Scheuerle spmt 1.Reduce idling speed time. If you need a long time of idling speed, please park your trailer. Heavy duty trailer axles

Modular unit 2.Reduce parking time. When your low bed trailer run on the high way, please do not overspeed to avoid the accelerator run quickly and slowly, it can reduce oil consumption. SPMT trailer

Modular transportation 3.Reduce turning around times. Before your trailer on the way, please know the road condition firstly to avoid traffic jam time and road section. Scheuerle spmt
Heavy duty trailer axles 4.Change engine oil regularly. And choice the same engine oil as before, this can reduce the wear of engine and oil consumption effectively. Modular unit

SPMT trailer 5.Reduce wear of tyre. Please ensure the air pressure of tyre within the safety range, it can`t be too high also too low. Reduce the wear of tyre and the friction between ground, it also can save the oil consumption effectively.  Modular transportation
Scheuerle spmt 6.Cut down the stack of cargo. It can reduce the loading of the trailer, and save the oil consumption. Heavy duty trailer axles

Modular unit Please be cautious of above 6 cautions, it will not only save your low bed trailer oil consumtion but also keep your trailer have good performance. SPMT trailer

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