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Reasons and Emergency Measures of Semi Trailer Brake Failure
Author:fushenglai  Date:2017.10.30

Goldhofer Reasons and Emergency Measures of Semi Trailer Brake Failure

Multi axle trailer

What can we do when the semi trailer is brake failure? Multi axle trailer
Driver friends should know more knowledge about this situation, and it can save your life. Below words are some tips of brake failure problem, hope it can do some help for you. Goldhofer

ScheuerleThere is so many reasons can cause the brake failure, mainly has below three reasons. Goldhofer


SPMT1.Lack of some necessary maintenance for brake system,so it will has so many impurities in the brake master cylinder, seal leakage, vacuum booster pump doesn`t work, dirty brake fluid or mixed brake fluid can cause air-resistor, brake master cylinder or wheel cylinder is oil leaking, gas tank or pipelines connector is air leaking. Scheuerle

Transporter trailer 2.Worry operation cause the brake failure. SPMT

Multi axle trailer3.Because the overload situation seriously, also under the gravitational acceleration function, it can increase the trailer movement inertia to cause the brake failure directly. Goldhofer

ScheuerleBut what if the bake failure happens when trailer running on the high way, what can we do as a semi trailer driver? Transporter trailer 

SPMT1.When the trailer run down a long slope and abrupt slope, we should press on the brake under any road situation. This not only can examine the brake system performance, but also can get valuable speed control time in the brake failure system. This called Anticipatory brake. Multi axle trailer

Transporter trailer 2.Control the steering wheel according to the road situation and speed, while switching the gear to low gear. Then, the engine has stronger drag resistance to slow the trailer speed. Otherwise, we have to use hand brake when switching the gears. But also, we can not tension the hand brake tightly and tension the hand brake slowly. If we tension the hand brake tightly and quickly, it can locking the brake disc, it probably damage drive parts to lose the brake function. But if we tension the hand brake slowly, it can make the brake disc in wear and ablation to lose the brake function. Goldhofer

Goldhofer3.Let the bumpers, carrier and other rigidity parts of the trailer to rub and collide with roadside nature obstacles(rock, tree and earth slope) to slow down the trailer speed.Scheuerle

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