Supro Trailer established in 1951 year, and focuses on Heavy and Special transporter designing and manufacturing. Supro Trailer has advanced production line to guarantee the quality of the transporter. And also we cooperate with famous brands of Hydraulic accessories manufacturers to design the special transporters. Supro Trailer provided good and quick service during the whole cooperation and set your heart on free always.

Supro Trailer has a very professional engineer team on heavy transporters which also have abundant experience to guarantee the design of the transporters. We redesign the Hydraulic modular trailer structure to make it meet oversize transport. And improve the structure of the Low bed trailer to make it have many functions to do the oversize transportation.

Performance Case

Supro Trailer has been manufacturing Heavy transporter since 1951. The company produces the Hydraulic modular trailer (HMT) to parallel with Goldhofer, Nicolas, Scheuerle. Also we welcome customization on the transporter agaisnt on the cargo special dimension and weight.  Such as we designed our own talent HMT which can load 50 tons of per axle line, modified the Nicolas HMT structure for China rockets transport, designed new structure HMT for France market etc. Not only limited into the HMT, but also Supro Trailer produces Self propelled modular transporter, and Shipyard transporter. Supro can manufacture 4 steering modes for the SPMT, and produced Driverless shipyard transporter which also lead the wide world Self propelled transporter technology. Supro Extendable trailer can stretch to 62m length, this is the longest trailer in Chian. Supro produces Adapters to combine with HMT for Windmill blade and tower transportation. We are your expert of heavy transporter and solve your any problems on oversize transport!