Introduction of Supro Windmill Tower Transporter

Supro Trailer has various structures of transporters for different transport requirements and purchasing budget of windmill tower transport. Our company has 3 generations ( "STA-L","STA-N" and "STA-G ") of adapters and 2 different suspensions (Mechanical suspension and Hydraulic suspension) muiti axles low bed trailer for windmill tower transport. And we are leading the technology and manufacturing of windmill tower transporters!

Production list of Supro windmill tower semi trailer

STLT-M It is most economical semi trailer for the windmill tower transport. The trailer use mechanical steel spring suspension. The trailer is independent with the middle telescoping beam, so you can use the trailer to combine with different length telescoping beams for different windmill tower transport. Also you can make the combination of some units of rear trailers to make your wanted axles amount. Such as you can use 3 axles trailer combine with 4 axles trailer to make 7 axles trailer same as hydraulic modular trailer!

Video of the mechanical suspension STLT-M

Drawing of Mechanical suspension STLT-M

drawing of mechanical suspension windmill tower semi trailer

Overall view of mechanical suspension STLT-M

windmill tower semi trailer mechanical suspension

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STLT-H uses hydraulic suspension so it has automatic steering function and adjustable height of the cargo platform. Detail advantages of the STLT-H as below:

Mechanical rod steering system can make whole axles be automatic steering

Adjustable height from 680+ 200mm or -100mm.

Independent units of semi trailers can add or reduce whole vehicle axle amounts as hydraulic modular trailer.

Splited middle beams and independent rear semi trailer. Not only you can change the axle amounts as you want, but also you can change the middle beam length as you want.

Adjustable hydralic gooseneck

Video of the Hydraulic suspension STLT-H

Drawing of the Hydraulic suspension STLT-H

drawing of hydraulic suspension windmill tower semi trailer

Photo of the STLT-H

hydraulic suspension windmill tower semi trailer

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STA-L is This is the most economical adapter for the windmill tower transport. The adapter combine with turntable on the flatbed trailer, and it has 2pcs cylinders to jack up the tower soitcan improve the passing ability of the vehicle.

Drawing of the windmill tower semi trailer

windmill tower adapter with semi trailer

The Adapter STA-L can combine with hydraulic modualr trailer

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STH-N is a simple structure holder (adaper) to combine with Hydraulic modular trailer to transport windmill tower. It has NO lifting functions, so you only can adjust the height by hydraulic modualr trailer.

windmill tower adapter holder drawing

windmill tower holder with hydraulic modular trailer

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STA-G is the most advanced structure adapter by Supro Trailer which is learn from Goldhofer windmill tower adapter.

goldhofer windmill tower adapter

goldhofer windmill tower adapter

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