Supro Trailer manufactures transporters for Windmill turbine blade, Windmill tower and Windmill nacelle transportation. We are the most professional manufacturer of the windmill transporters in the world. Whatever the simple structure transporter, or the most advanced transporters in the world, Supro Trailer is able to provide high and stable quality transporters to wide world market!

Windmill Blade Transporter

Supro Trailer produces Extendable trailer for Windmill blade transport. The Max. length of the trailer can reach 62m length. About the Wind blade adapter, Supro has 3 generations strucure. "STBA-L-10", "STBA-M-20" and "STBA-H-30".

Windmill Tower Transporter

Supro Trailer produces customized extendable semi trailer and Windmill tower adapter for the transportation. Supro produced 5 generations transporter for the wind tower transport.  "STLT-M", "STLT-H", "STA-L","STA-N" and "STA-G".
Supro Trailer provide high quality transporter for Windmill transporation by good price! That we solve your worries on Chinese suppliers and save your money from European transporter market!

Wind Tower Transporter

STLT-M This is most economical Supro semi trailer for the windmill tower transportation. The trailer use mechanical suspension, and it can combine with telescoping beams for different length tower. STLT-M also can be customized by some units which consist of different axle amounts. So that it can meet various weight of the windmill tower.

drawing of mechanical suspension windmill tower semi trailer

windmill tower semi trailer mechanical suspension

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STLT-H uses hydraulic suspension so it has automatic steering function and adjustable height of the cargo platform. Detail advantages of the STLT-H as below:

Tie rod steering structure can achive automatic steering

Adjustable height from 680+ 200mm or -100mm.

Indepent axle units can change the total axle amounts against on various windmill tower weight.

Indepent cargo loading beams. Can change the whole length against on various windmill tower length.

Adjustable hydralic gooseneck

drawing of hydraulic suspension windmill tower semi trailer

hydraulic suspension windmill tower semi trailer

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STA-L is This is the most economical adapter for the windmill tower transport. The adapter combine with flatbed trailer, and it has 2pcs cylinders to do the lifting job that can reduce the whole height of the transporter and improve the passing ability. Also on the rear 4 axles flatbed trailer, it has a cylinder to make steering function.

Drawing of the windmill tower semi trailer

windmill tower adapter with semi trailer

And the Adapter STA-L can be customized to combine with hydraulic modualr trailer as below shows

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STH-N is a simple structure holder to combine with Hydraulic modular trailer to do the windmill tower transporation. It has NO lifting functions, but only adjust the tower height by the hydraulic modualr trailer platform. And also has no steering functions. So the advantage of the holder is that the cost is cheap, and the maintanance cost is few.

windmill tower adapter holder drawing

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windmill tower holder with hydraulic modular trailer

STA-G This structure adapter is similar with European brand adapter which is high specification. The adapter has lifting cylinders to adjust the height of the tower.

goldhofer windmill tower adapter

goldhofer windmill tower adapter

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