Who We Are

Supro Trailer deisigns and manufactures Heavy transporter, and lead the technology of it in the wide world!

Supro Trailer established in 1951 year, the company produces heavy and special transporters for China national infrastructure construstion that we belongs to "Power China". So that "Supro Trailer" is a China national manufacturer.

Supro Trailer produces Hydraulic modular trailer (HMT) to perallel with Goldhofer, Nicolas and Scheuerle series. More than that, Supro improved the design of the Nicolas HMT to enforce the strength of it.

Supro Trailer makes the orginal 3 combination files which after the Nicolas HMT to be 4 combination files that enfoce the ability with Drop deck bed and Spacer.

Supro Trailer uses casting manufacturing technology on Hydraulic suspension to take replace of original welding technology that avoid the breakage problem of it.

Supro Trailer makes the height of main beam be more bigger to enforce the structure strength of the HMT.

Supro THP/SL combine Goldhofer THP/SL

Supro SPMT has 4 steering modes, "Pulling rods steering","Pinion and rack steering","Worm and gear steering" and "Hydraulic cylinders pulling steering". The steering system could be linkage or inpendent to be your opition.

Supro talent SPMT with driving cab

Self propelled modular transporter

Supro produces the Shipyard transporter, the Width range from 2.5m to 5m. The company produced the Hydraulic suspension can load Max. 32 tons cargo / each suspension. Also, we already manufactured the most advanced driverless mode shipyard transporter for overseas market.

Driverless Shipyard transporter

driverless shipyard transporter

Supro Trailer has patented technology on Hydraulic modular trailer which can load 50 tons cargo per axle line. Also we produced the Hydraulic modular trailer against on Nicolas structure, it is for China rockets transportation. Supro technology on Hydraulic modular trailer is leading the international market.

Supro HMT for China rocket transportation

Supro hydraulic modular trailer

Supro 9 lines Extendable Hydraulic suspension lowloader trailer

multi axles lowloader trailer

Supro heavy transporters exported to France, Germany, Russian, Italy, American and other Western markets. Cause our transporter can pass the CE testing. Supro provides high quality heavy transporters for whole world!

Supro transporter for France market

European hydraulic modular trailer

Vision of Supro Trailer

Supro Provides High Quality and Customized Heavy Transporters to Save Your Money from European Transporter Market!

Supro welcome any customization on the Heavy transporters and provide high quality standard transporters, but the cost only need ½-⅓ of the European brand transporters. That makes you be more aggresive in the projection tenders. So, you only need working period compare with the European transporter.

High Quality Standard

Guarantee stable quality of the transporter!

High Cost Performance

Achieve your heavy transport dream with little money!

Quick Service

Solve your future worries and set your heart on free!

Why Choose Us?

Brilliant Technology Team to Meet Your Wanted Customization.

High Quality standard and Stable Working Performance.

Good Serivce to Set Your Heart on Free.

Good Price to Save Your Money from European Transporter Market.

Our Features

Supro provides free technology consulting, we help our clients to make clear important points of the projection transport, then make the most suitable transporter scheme. Double wins is the priority target of Supro Trailer, Supro NEVER only try to win the order, but ingore the quality and the feasability of the transporter.
Supro Trailer proposals a detail manufacuturing scheme to our clients, to let them be clear on our plan and the process. Then Supro update photos to clients weekly.If has something need to be modified, Supro never try to hide something or cut corners.Supro inspection team control the manufacturing process strictly to gurantee good quality!
Supro Trailer do the full movemnents commissioning before delivery to find out problems, and solve the problems! Supro use the best material to protect the cargo during the sea freight from Rusting and Damage problem. Also we establish a professional after sales team to help our clients solve future worries.
Supro provide one year guarantee of the transporter and provide free technology consulting for whole using life.

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