Technology introduction of Supro bridge structure transporter

Supro Trailer is leading the technology of bridge structure transporters which include Heavy duty girder bridge, Drop deck bed for hydraulic modular trailer, Bridge deck dolly trailer and customize your bridge structure transporter against on your cargo information and your local transport policies! Our company has abundant experience on the bridge structure transporters that we are able to provide the most suitable and advanced design of it for you!

Previous case of Supro customized bridge deck for dolly trailer

bridge deck with dolly trailer

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Because the bridge platform deck should load the whole weight of cargo, so we have to make sure the bridge deck should have stronger strength. Supro Trailer use advanced producing equipment to make sure our bridge deck has superior quality. For example, we use submerged-arc welding to guarantee the high strength of the bridge deck frame.

Video of submerged-arc welding manufacturing

The bridge platform deck should has many combination files to combine with the semi trailer by bolt. The combination files with bolt should be very close and do not allow any issues. If the combination files with bolt are loose, it may damage the combination files after long time use. And also if the combination files has issues by diameter, so you can not install the bolt among the combination files. Supro Trailer has a professional machine make the each piece of the combination file has exactly same diameter and guarantee the bolt with the files perfectly!

Photo of the combination files

combination files of girder bridge

Some bridge structure transporters should have hydraulic cylinders to jack up the middle bridge structure platform. Supro Trailer would make oil pressure testing of each hydraulic cylinder to make sure each of it is qualified, and guarantee the working performance is perfect! Must no hydraulic cylinder but has oil leakage issues caused by high oil pressure when it jack up heavy cargo!

Video of the hydraulic cylinder testing

Main products of Supro bridge structure transporter

1. Girder bridge for Hydraulic modular trailer

Video of heavy duty girder bridge

Video of small weight girder bridge

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2. Drop deck bed for Hydraulic modular trailer

Video of drop deck bed

Video of heavy duty drop deck bed

Video of long distance drop deck bed

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3. Bridge deck with Dolly trailer

Video of the bridge deck with dolly trailer

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