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Supro Girder Bridge Trailer

For more detail phots and videos of the Gird bridge, please visit the link of "Performance Case of the Girder Bridge". 

Supro Trailer produce Girder bridge for heavy cargo since 100 tons to 500 tons cargo.  We have different deisign of the Girder bridge trailer. 

1. Hang beam Girder bridge for the 500 tons cargo! 

1.1 The Girder bridge has two lifting suspension to adjust the height of the cargo. 

1.2 The loading beams of the girder bridge has two hang beams among the loading beams which load the cargo directly. And the width of the girder bridge is adjustable. 

1.3 The Girder bridge has weight sharing beams with the hydraulic modular trailer

1.4 The Girder bridge has steering cylinders around the rear lifting cylinders. 

500 tons girder bridge trailer

500 tons girder bridge trailer

2. Flatbed platform of the Girder bridge

Supro Trailer could design a flatbed bed platform to take replace of the hang beams. And the Max. loading capacity also could reach 500 tons. 

Girder bridge trailer

400 tons girder bridge

3. Dolly girder bridge trailer

For the short budget of the Girder bridge trailer. Supro design another structure to load 300 tons cargo. We use the mechanical suspension and big size Tyres of the girder bridge trailer. So it could not use hydraulic modular trailer to reduce the cost of the transportation. 

heavy haul trailer

heavy haul trailer

4. Drop deck bed for hydraulic modular trailer

Once the cargo below 200 tons weight, and we could use Drop deck bed to combine with Hydraulic modular trailer. 

Drop deck bed for Hydraulic modular trailer

5. Heavy drop deck bed combine with Hydraulic modular trailer

For the cargo weight between 200 tons  to 300 tons cargo. And also, we could use heavy duty drop deck bed to combine with the Hydraulic modular trailer. The structure of the drop deck bed seams like Girder bridge. It has a weight sharing beam on each sides which should put on the hydraulic modular trailer. 

small girder bridge

small girder bridge

Girder Bridge Trailer

1. Font lifting clinder and operation platform

Two sides of the gird bridge has two weight sharing beams, and lifting cylinders. In the front of the gird bridge, it also have a operation platform. 


500 tons girder bridge trailer

2. Width adjustable cylinders. 

Between the two pieces of loading bems, it has some width cylinders to adjust the gird bridge length. The adjuated width of the Girder bridge is against on your demands. 

Girder bridge trailer

3. Loading beams and Side beams

The Girder bridge has loading beams and side beams. Also, the loading beams could be break up to 2 or 3 parts. So, you could make your gird bridge be longer or shorter. The loading beams carry the cargo, and the side beams connect the loading beams with the weight sharing beams. 
Girder bridge trailer

4. Hang beams

The hang beams are among the 2pcs loading beams. It carry the cargo directly. And the positions and apart distance ( loading width) is adjustable. 
Girder bridge trailer

5. Rear steering cylinders

The rear steering cylinder has one lifting cylinder and four steerying cylinders. 


Girder bridge trailer

6.  Over rall of the Gird bridge

Specifications of Girder bridge trailer

A. Rated maximum load capacity(tons)----------------------300, 350, 400, 450, 500 tons cargo

B. Unload capacity(tons)----------------------------------------95 ( 400 tons Girder bridge)

Below Dimension of the Girder bridge could be customized

C. Maximum total weight(tons)---------------------------------540
D. Full load rated speed(km/h)--------------------------------25
E. Rated load minimum supports distance(mm)------------5000
F. Maximum cargo load length(mm)--------------------------12000
G. Dimension size(Length x Width x Height)(mm)(Bridge)----- 34500x(4000~5600)x2995
H. Cargo load width range(mm)-----------------------------3200~5000 ( could be customized)
I.   Gird Bridge independent lifting height(mm)-----------700
J.  Main lifting cylinder diameter(mm)----------------------500
K. Main lifting oil pressure(kg/cm*cm)---------------------182
L.  Full load Gird bridge  deflection(mm)< 180
M.  Full load hanging bracket deflection(mm) < 60
N.  Carrier beam,gird upper and down plate,web material -------Q690C
O. Steering way:------------------------------------------------Pull round or Control steering
P. Maximum rotate angle(Not less) of Gird bridge relative to trailer------- +45/-45
Q. Maximum oil pressure of hydraulic system(Mpa)--------------------------21
R. The minimum requirement grade of the transport road------------------ 3 level

Main parts of Girder Bridge

1.Main load-bearing beam---------------------------------------------------------2 sets
2.Deputy load-bearing beam------------------------------------------------------4 sets
3.Adjustable  lateral connecting rod----------------------------------------------some sets 
4.Side-to-side adjustment cylinder------------------------------------------------4 pieces
5.Steering cylinder-------------------------------------------------------------------4 pieces
6.Steering mechanism--------------------------------------------------------------1 set
7.Lifting support cylinder-----------------------------------------------------------2 sets
8.Balance beam----------------------------------------------------------------------2 sets
9.Uniform load beam----------------------------------------------------------------2 sets
10.Combination parts of Beam----------------------------------------------------4 sets
11.Operation platform---------------------------------------------------------------2 sets
12.Transportation carrier-----------------------------------------------------------4 sets
13.Hydraulic control system--------------------------------------------------------1 set

Main parts of Gird Bridge

1.Lifting support cylinder(imported sealing)
2.Load-bearing beam(Q690C)
3.Side-to-side adjustment cylinder
4.Steering cylinder
5.Hydraulic pipes stop valve
6.Multiple directional control valve
7.Hose assembly

8.Hydraulic joint 
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