Supro Trailer has over 50 years experience on Hydraulic modular trailer

Supro Trailer is the first manufacturer of hydraulic modular trailer in China, and we have over 50 years experience on the manufacturing of it. So we have accumulated abundat experience and advantced techonology on hydraulic modular trailer. Supro Trailer makes our hydraulic modular trailer to compatible with Goldhofer(THP/SL) and Nicolas(MDE, MDED) brands hydrauic modular trailer. About the Nicolas hydraulic modular trailer, we already have 3 generations of it which includes "STN-V1", "STN-V2" and "STN-V3". We are leading 1 generation on Nicolas hydraulic modular trailer than other Chinese manufacturers!

STN-V2 Hydraulic modular trailer

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STN-V3 Hydraulic modular trailer

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Supro THP/SL compatible with Goldhofer THP/SL

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Customization of Hydraulic modular trailer

If you want to customize your hydraulic modular trailer against on special requirements of the oversize load business, Supro Trailer is your wise option! Because we have stronger technology accumulation to make the Hydraulic modular trailer to meet your requirements! Not only change the axle distance or make it has a bigger width. But also we customize the hydraulic system as you want! Supro Trailer even has exported our customized hydraulic modular trailer for France market that says we have qualification from European testing organization!

New design STN-N5 which has 50 tons loading capacity of each axle line

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Mobile substation by customized hydraulic modular trailer

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Hydraulic suspension used on multi axles low bed trailer

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Slag pot transporter for Germany market

Customized THP/SL for military projection

customized hydraulic modular trailer for military projection

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Customized hydraulic modular trailer for China air space rockets

customized hydraulic modular trailer for air space rockets

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Customized Hydraulic modular trailer for France market

customized hydraulic modular trailer for france market

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Why Supro Trailer is able to provide superior quality of hydraulic modular trailer?

Supro Trailer use top brands of hydraulic accessories on our hydraulic modular trailer such as "Parker", "Valbondione", "Hydac", "Galtech" etc. Even about the hydraulic cylinders that we use Chinese top brand "Haite" on our hydraulic modular trailer! Those hydralic accessories make our hydraulic modular trailer has good working performance!

Not only we have a strict quality control system, but also we have a strict commissioing system to guarantee that you should get 0 quality isses hydraulic modular trailer from Supro Trailer! For example, after we assembly the hydraulic modular trailer, we will make static full loading over 48 hours and find out whether has hydraulic accessory has oil leakge problem. Then we will make 12 commissioning movements of our hydraulic suspensions and check whether it has noise and inharmonious situation. At last, we will use a truck to drag the trailer run over 30 minutes in our factory yard and make sure it has no quality issues before we delivery it to our clients!

Hydraulic cylinder oil teasting

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STN-V2 Commissioning

STN-V3 Commissioning

Supro THP/SL Commissioing

Learn about Supro propelled modular trailer

Do you want to buy self propelled modular trailer? If you only import it from European manufacturers, and you will find their price is very expensive! Few company is able to afford it! Because the projection of Self propelled modular trailer is few, so it need very long time to earn the investment on SPMT! Now! You do not need to worry about the problems! Supro Trailer designed a mechanical steering system SPMT which can compatible with your hydraulic modular trailer! That means you only need to buy few axle lines of driven axles and a power pack from Supro Trailer, then you use it to work with your hydraulic modular trailer, and finish some big projections by few budget!

Full driven axles of Supro Self propelled modular trailer

Working videos of Supro self propelled modular trailer

Photo explain of Supro SPMT compatible with Hydraulic modular trailer

Self proelled modular trailer compatible with Hydraulic modular trailer

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Learn about Supro shipyard transporter

Supro Trailer has very powerful technology strength on hydraulic system and electric system of heavy transporters. Even we produce 2 operation models of Shipyard transporters to be your option! One is driver cab shipyard transporter and another one is remote controller shipyard transporter! The remote controller technology even leading the whole world on shipyard transporters!

Driver cab shipyard transporter

Remote controller shipyard transporter

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