Features of Supro tatented Hydraulic modular trailer

Supro Trailer has patented technology on Hydraulic system transporter, and provide high quality standard transporter for the wide world market!

Supro Trailer cooperates with the world famous brands of hydraulic parts on design such as REXROTH, SAUER, INTERCONTROL. So that we can guarantee the structure feasibility and quality standard of the transporter. Supro have exported the heavy transporters to Western countries such as France, Germany, Russian, England and American.

Supro customized hydraulic modular trailer(SFMT) for France market

Supro Slag Pot Transporter for Germany market

slag pot carrier

Video of the Supro Slag pot transporter

Supro Shipyard Transporter for Russian market which can bear -40℃ working temperature

shipyard transporter

Supro Trailer designs and produces Heavy transporters agaisnt on our clients` special demands and the local transport policies. Such as we make the Min.2.5m width Shipyard transporter, 660mm height Nicolas structure hydraulic modular trailer. In order to reduce the weight of whole transporter, Supro design special drop deck bed for Hydraulic modular trailer etc.

Supro drop deck bed for American market (Combine Goldhofer THP/SL)

Goldhofer drop deck bed

Supro redesign the Nicolas structure Hydraulic modular trailer for China rockets transport

China military hydraulic modular trailer

Supro Trailer produced the Multi axles lowloader semi trailer which include a telescoping beam. It is hydraulic suspension to make the axles lifting, and keep the transport balance. And the steering system is automatic. The transporter break the monopoly of European technology, and help our clients save lots of money from this structure transporter!

multi axles low bed trailer

multi axles lowloader semi trailer

Supro has many advanced technology on Hydraulic system transporter in the world. Such as we made the Hydraulic modular trailer to load 50 tons cargo per line, Self propelled modular transporter with driver cabin, Driverless Shipyard transporter etc.

Supro Hydraulic modular trailer/ 50 tons loading capacity per line

Specification of Supro hydraulic modular trailer

Supro hydraulic modular trailer

Video of the Supro Hydraulic modular trailer

Self propelled modular transporter with Driver cabin

self propelled modular trailer

Driverless Shipyard transporter

driverless shipyard transporter

Supro Trailer makes the Hydraulic modular trailer to parallel with Goldhofer (Goldhofer THP/SL, Goldhfoer THP/H), Nicolas (Nicolas MDED, Nicolas MDE) and Scheuerle Hydraulic modular trailer. Also against on our Hydraulic modular trailer technology, Supro produces Self propelled modular transporter.

Supro THP/SL parallel with Goldhofer THP/SL

Goldhofer THP/sl

Supro Hydraulic modular trailer parallel with TII-Nicolas

Nicolas hydraulic modular trailer

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