"Supro Trailer - A supplier of hydraulic modular trailers that simplifies your oversized load transportation!

Supro STN-V series Hydraulic modular trailer

If you want to purchase a high-quality hydraulic modular trailer, or if you want to add specialized accessories to your hydraulic modular trailer such as a vessel bridge, a drop deck bed, a telescopic spacer, and more, or if you're looking to cooperate with a professional hydraulic modular trailer supplier to solve all kinds of problems related to heavy transporters, Supro Trailer is your optimal selection!

As a seasoned hydraulic modular trailer supplier, Supro Trailer boasts 20 years of experience in research and manufacturing in this field. Hence, we have the capability to meet all your hydraulic modular trailer requirements! We proudly say that our manufactured hydraulic modular trailers have been upgraded to the fourth generation, comprising eight different models! From the outset, we manufactured the STN-V1 model that could be combined with Nicolas MDE, then upgraded to the stronger STN-V2 model. Now, our mainstream model has been updated to STN-V3. This model learns from and enhances the advantages of Goldhofer THP/SL and applies them to the STN-V series of modular trailers, featuring high strength, high performance, convenient operation, and a user-friendly design! We can proudly say that this is a hydraulic modular trailer that will definitely exceed your expectations and offers a high cost-performance ratio!

Video of STN-V1& V2

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Video of STN-H6(Min.680mm height) / V2 Generation

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Video of STN-V3

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Video of STN-V4 (Min.685mm height)

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Video of Split STN-V3

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Supro THP/SL compatible with Goldhofer THP/SL

At the same time, the THP/SL produced by Supro is a hydraulic modular trailer that is compatible with the German Goldhofer THP/SL! To ensure the performance of the vehicle after assembly, we have perfectly replicated all the performance characteristics of Goldhofer! The Supro THP/SL can even rival European hydraulic modular trailers, and our cost is only one-third of Goldhofer's! If you are planning to buy a hydraulic modular trailer, contact Supro Trailer immediately! We not only provide you with high-quality hydraulic modular trailers but also ensure that every penny you spend is well worth it!

Video of Supro THP/SL

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Easy Supro - Supro Trailer's accessories for hydraulic modular trailers make your oversized load transportation so easy!

After acquiring a hydraulic modular trailer, we also need some specialized accessories to help transport oversized cargo, such as a drop deck bed, girder bridge, turntables, and so on. Supro Trailer has strong technical capabilities and can design and manufacture high-quality specialized accessories according to the specific size of your goods and local road transport laws and regulations, to safely complete your oversized load transportation tasks! Supro Trailer makes your oversized load transportation super easy!

For example, the drop deck bed of Supro THP/SL does not allow a load of more than 220 tons, but we can design a pair of weight-sharing beams for the drop deck bed, which can increase the load capacity of the drop deck bed to up to 350 tons! We produce a vessel bridge for you with adjustable width and length, allowing you to freely transport oversized cargo of different lengths and widths! We design and manufacture girder bridges for you to transport goods weighing up to 600 tons!

Video of Split and Detachable head Drop deck bed

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Drop Deck Bed with Weight Sharing Beams

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Video of Drop deck bed with a pair of weight sharing beam

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Video of Extendable Spacer

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Video of Girder Bridge

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We know you are looking for a reliable hydraulic modular trailer supplier! Contact us now! You will surely thank yourself in the future for finding a professional and trustworthy hydraulic modular trailer supplier!"