KAMAG Girder Bridge Trailer for 132 tons slab

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2019.07.11
kamag girder bridge trailer
The 132-tonne slab transporter was moved by road from Kamags manufacturing facilities in Ulm to Heilbronn. Spedition Kübler was tasked with delivering the unit; it completed the job using a girder bridge trailer, with ten axles of Scheuerle Intercombi hydraulic modular trailers at the front and 12 axles to the rear.

“We spent four months planning and testing the route with Spedition Kübler and getting the necessary permits and documentation in place,” said Michael Schanz from Kamag’s internal sales department.

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The hydraulic modular trailer combination and prime mover measured more than 100 m in length and travelled 260 km on public roads. The slab transporter was transhiped onto a barge at the port of Heilbronn for final delivery to ArcelorMittals dock facilities.