Supro Windmill Blade Adapter

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2021.04.19

Supro Windmill Blade Adapter

Supro Trailer is a professional manufacturer of windmill blade and tower transporter, our multi structures of it can meet various conditions of transport roads!

Supro Trailer has 3 generations of the windmill blade adapter! That we have accumulated abundant experience on the adapter manufacturing, and able to guarantee the stable quality of it! Also we produce Max. 62m extendable trailer for windmill blade which also can be customized by multi axles system (10 axle lines).

Supro Trailer produced half - hydraulic system semi trailer for windmill tower transportation. Also we produce 3 different structures of the adapter for windmill tower, and it can meet matched budget of the projection.

Video of the Supro windmill blade adapter

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