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How to Slect and Mintain Heavy Duty Truck Tires
Author:fushenglai  Date:2019.05.15

Modular trailers for sale

   Modular trailers for sale

 Modular trailers for sale The tire is the most important one of the componests in the car traveling agencies, also it the second largest cost after fuel cost. Directly relate to the safety of the vehicle and tranport economy. If you can not select and use of tire correctly, it will not only reduce the performance of the trailer but also affect the trailer`s driving safety, and may even cause unnecessary casualties and property losses. So how we choice tire, how to make good use of the tire to let the tire has long using time, how to care for tires...a lot of people are very concerned about trucks, in particular, how to avoid "abnormal wear". So how to choose the truck tires is about very important. Tieflader goldhofer


Scheuerle trailers Abnormal tire wear and Suggestions for Improvement:(There are so many situations, but we only example below situations) Cometto trailers

Nicolas cage trailer 1.Trailer plate shift or Tread misalignment Modular trailers for sale

Tieflader goldhofer 2.Rim out of round or rim top plate uneven Scheuerle trailers

 Cometto trailers These two may cause tire bounce up and down or from side to side. If you want to check it, this is very simple, you drive a car closely and inspect their tires with or without jumping up and down or swing about the situation. Nicolas cage trailer

Modular trailers for sale Suggestions: If there has this situation, please use a new wheel hub to replace it, do not attempt to repair it, because the price disparity of the rim and the tire. It is not worth to do it in my personal opinion. Tieflader goldhofer

Scheuerle trailers 3, Tire pressure uneven 

Two tire pressure with a bit uneven cause two different tire rolling resistance, resulting in abnormal wear. The same axis as the tire pressure irregularity can also cause abnormal wear, just not obvious. Cometto trailers

Nicolas cage trailer 4, The same axis using a different tire
Misunderstanding: a lot of the driver have a selection of tires, will simply consider the the two tread depth whether are the same, or look at dimensions on two tires whether are the same. Modular trailers for sale
Tieflader goldhofer Imagine: two tire diameter is inconsistent, then the perimeter is certainly different. If the perimeter is different then the same rolling circle distance is different, if the tire rolling distance with a bit inconsistent, then, is bound to be a tire forcibly dragged another tire rolling the same distance; then abnormal wear must be very serious. That two tires must scroll the same distance, the distance they scroll certainly dragged past. Different brand of tire internal structure is also different, reload the degree of deformation of the tire will be different. Particularly nylon cord tires, when a deformation occurs will vary greatly. Scheuerle trailers

Cometto trailers Suggestions: same tire must choose the same brand, consistent tire tread depth. If use the same tire as far as possible , it is best. Nicolas cage trailer

Modular trailers for sale 5 tire repair and strengthen the selection of pad

The steel tire repair are generally fire fill, mostly old tires peel out of the mat, or finished wire pad. Patched place will certainly add a lot of strength, weight will increase. Is bound to result when the local impact of the tire rolling road excessive force caused by wear and tear. Tieflader goldhofer

Scheuerle trailers Suggestions: repair of tires when try to use a lighter tire strengthen pad. Tire patched best balance and then. Cometto trailers

Nicolas cage trailer 6, The design of the tire itself is flawed
That many manufacturers will not admit that, they will tell you that you overload or air pressure control is not good. In fact, each tire manufacturer has been considered in the design of the tire when the tire will be used to overloading, or three guarantees in the domestic use of the process will certainly too much, they are not able to afford it.

Suggestions: Dear friends try to use genuine tire manufacturers, not freeloaders to buy three packs of tire. Modular trailers for sale

Tieflader goldhofer 7, Brake problems

A braking effect of each wheel when the brake is uneven, or the brake pot out of round. Scheuerle trailers

Cometto trailers 8, Tire installation error
Generally, very few people will notice that many brand tires has rolling direction marks now! They don`t think it is necessary.

Reminder: the rolling direction marks by the installation manufacturers use tire is necessary, because the crown at the top bit of steel wire tire wire winding direction opposite direction of rolling resistance and service life will be influential. Nicolas cage trailer

Modular trailers for sale 9 ,Wrong tire choice

Understand the cars of my friends, know the tires have a speed level, so does truck tires. Block pattern or lug tires in high-speed scrolling will inevitably have a slight abnormal wear.

Suggestion: Do not to choose truck tread tires and off-road tread tires in run high-speed. Tieflader goldhofer

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