How to Select Trailer Tyres Size

Author: fushenglai   Date: 2019.05.15

Heavy equipment trailers Heavy equipment trailers

Heavy equipment trailers We don`t need to explain what is tyre, and the functions of tyre. Let`s go to the  points directly! Platform trailer

Carson goldhofer Tyre size: This is the database of tyre about Geometrical parameters and Physical properties. The size of tyre is a team numbers, the first number shows the section width of tyre, and the last number shows diameter of rim, and all in inch. The middle alphabet or  symbol has particular meanings.  Self propelled modular transporter 


Modular trailers Tyre structure: “R” means radial tyre, “D” & “-”means bias tyre. Others: “XL” shows strengthen quality tyre, “TG” means project tractor land leveller tyre(off-highway), “NHS” means off-highway tyre. Heavy equipment trailers

Platform trailer Ply rating: ply rating means the rated ply number of tire cord, it usually not same as actual tire cord ply numbers. For example, 14 ply rating, singed by “14P.R”. Carson goldhofer

Self propelled modular transporter Cord material: Some tyres have independent marks, such as Nylon, it marked behind the rating generally. Chinese has own symbol of cord material, “N” means Nylon, “G” means steel wire, “M” means cotton thread and “R” means artificial silk.   Modular trailers

Other marks: don`t mention in this article. 
Let`s analysis this tyre size “185/70R1486H” 
185: Section width of tire(mm)
70: Flatness ratio(Tyre height/Tyre width)
14: Diameter of rim(inch)
86: Load index( means the maximum load capacity is 530kg)
H: Speed code( means the maximum speed is 210km/h)

Heavy equipment trailers Speed code corresponding the maximum speed(km/h)
 C:60 D: 65 E:70 F:80 G:90 J:100 K:110 L:120 M:130 N:140 P:150 Q:160 R:170 S:180 T:190 U:200 H:210 V:240 W:270 Y:300 Platform trailer

Carson goldhofer Load index corresponding the maximum load(kg)
80:450kg 81:462kg 82:475kg 83:487kg 84:500kg 85:515kg 86:530kg 87:545kg 88:560kg 89:580kg 90:600kg Self propelled modular transporter

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