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Advantages and Disadvantages Between Tubeless and Wire Bead Tyres
Author:fushenglai  Date:2019.05.15

Goldhofer tieflader

Goldhofer tieflader

Goldhofer tieflader

 In the past, we usually select wire bead tyre in the transportation. Now days, to adapt to Light-duty truck trend, we generally select tubeless tyre. What`s the difference between wire bead tyre and tubeless tyre? Which one is your better choice? Answers in the following analysis. Heavy haul trailers

Heavy haul trailers

Axle trailer 1. Comparison of Self weight. Goldhofer trailers

Heavy duty trailers To compare each advantages of tubeless and wire bead tyre clearly, let set an example of three axles low bed trailer.In China trailer industrial, if we want to install tubeless tyre,we have to install special axle and rim to fit the over width tubeless tyre. And also the frame of trailer of  tubeless tyre is wider than wire bead tyre about 290mm, so the cost of tubeless tyre is expensive than wire bead tyre. Goldhofer tieflader


Heavy haul trailers A 3 axles low bed trailer,the weight of wire bead tyre and rim are 120kg X 12sets=1440kg. While, the weight of tubeless tyre and rim are 144kg X 6 sets=864kg. The difference between two tyres are 1440kg - 864kg=576kg. But if we use over width tubeless tyre, we have to customize lengthen axles, the weight of 3 axles will be more 40kg. Axle trailer


2. Oil cost.

Goldhofer trailers If a trailer run 100 thousand KM every year, a 3 axle tubeless low bed trailer can save about 4390USD oil cost( the calculation process is hide cause complex calculation). This calculation is only take consider of the weight, in the fact, because the over width tubeless tyre has no inner tube and also belong to single tyre, the consumption of Shape and Friction are smaller, this can reduce the oil sumption in the transportation. Heavy duty trailers


3. Load capacity.

Goldhofer tieflader We also set an example of 3 axles low bed trailer. The load capacity of wire bead tyre is 3000kg X 12=36000kg. The load capacity of tubeless tyre is 5150kg X 6=30900kg. So the load capacity of tire bead tyre is better. Heavy haul trailers


4. Security.

Axle trailer If a tubeless tyre has be impaled, the air leakage is slowly, you still can drive your trailer to repair. But if a normal tyre has be impaled, the air will fill the inner and outer tyre quickly, then it will be flat tyre or even happen tyre burst! And also the tubeless has good quality of wearproof and balance ability, it suit to long way transportation. Because the width of trailer frame of tubeless tyre is wider, the run balance performance is better than wire bead tyre. Goldhofer trailers


5.Using time. 

Heavy duty trailers Because the tubeless tyre has no inner tyre and tube flap, this can reduce times of excess temperature condition, and it can lengthen using time of tyre. Goldhofer tieflader

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