Automatic Steering Bogie Axles Low Bed Trailer

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2020.08.18

Automatic Steering Bogie (1 Line - 2 Alxes) Low bed Trailer

Supro Trailer produces high quality standard low bed trailer for overseas market, and we have experience on Japanese and South Korean market. The demands of the Japanese market is more strict than European markets! Generally, the special 1 line - double axles low bed trailer uses fixed mechanical suspension, but Supro customize the doulbe axles low bed trailer by steering axles. Also Supro made electric gooseneck to do the operation. So that we are the unique factory in China who has ability to customize the special low bed trailer.

The advantages of the Supro Low bed trailer.

1. Customized functions. Steering double axles and Electric operation.

2. Electric and adjustable gooseneck.

3. Superior woods on the cargo platform.

4. Fine painting works.

5. Hydraulic ladder.

Overview of the Supro low bed trailerlow bed trailer factory

low bed trailer china

Electric Operation Gooseneck

low bed trailer electric gooseneck

electric gooseneck low bed trailer

Superior woods on the cargo platform

woods made low bed trailer

Steering 1 line double axles

steering axles low bed trailer

Steering multi axles low bed trailer