62m 6 Axles Extendable Trailer

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2021.01.29

The key technology of the multi axles extendable trailer, not only the steering system but also the strength of the structure!

Some countries has limited loading capacity of each axle or tyre such as the Vietnam market which only allow 10 tons cargo of each axle. During those two years, the Vietnam windmill power market has a boom developing, so the windmill turbine blade be longer and heavier increasingly. And it required us to add more and more the axles of extendable trailer.

Also some companies only is able to produce an extra telescoping beam after the Tyre platform to reach long distance trailer, but it is not allow by overseas transport policy! And Supro Trailer only make the middle one telescoping beam to reach long distance extendable trailer!

Highlights of Supro Extendable trailer

Against on technology accumulation on the extendable trailer during the 2 year, our company have learned that the key technologies of the long extendable trailer are the steering system and structure strength.

Because the trailer has too many axles, it requires the steering movement should be sensitive and quickly. More important, the steering system of the whole axles should be synchronous!

In current windmill power market, the windmill blade is over 70m length which requires the middle telescoping beam of our extendable trailer is longer and longer! The key technology of the long distance telescoping beam is that we have to make the stretchable movement be easy and convinent, and also it be straight and do now have sink issues.

Because of the limited loading capacity of each axle, our company have to reduce the dead weight of the trailer!

Supro Trailer makes the Multi axles and Long distance Extendable trailer for windmill blade transport especially suitable for Vietnam market!

Drawing of the 62m length Extendable trailer

4 axle lines Extendable trailer ( 62m length)

4 axle lines 62m extendable trailer

6 axle lines 62m Extendable trailer

6 axles 62m extendable trailer

Telescoping beam of the extendable trailer

Photo of the telescoping beams

telescoping beams of extendable trailer

Rear steering axles of the trailer

steering axles for extendable trailer

Video of the 6 axle lines 62m Extendable trailer stretchable commissiong

Working video of the 6 axles extendable trailer

Other Video of 8 axles Extendable trailer

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