Supro SPMT same with Goldhofer

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2021.03.17

Never only can buy the European second hand SPMT, but use the money to buy Supro new SPMT!

SPMT is the short name of Self propelled modular trailer which consist of drive axles, brake axle and Power pack unit. The price is very expensive, and many times of the hydraulic modular trailer. Some clients want to have the SPMT for the oversize transport, but due to the budget of the projection, they only can buy the second hand European SPMTs. But second hand SPMTs is too old to do the projection, so you have to do the lots of repair and maintenance jobs. It makes you have to employ a professional engineer on the SPMT. But now! You can cooperate with Supro Trailer to use the new one SPMT to get rid of those troubles!

Supro Trailer is a historic manufacturer of SPMT. We have accumulated abundant technology on the SPMT includes the shipyard transporter. Supro Trailer have designed 4 steering structures of the SPMT. It has "Pull Rod steering mechanism", "Pinion and Rack steering mechanism", "Worm and Gear steering mechanism" and "Hydraulic cylinder pulling steering mechanism". And you can customize any structures as you want.

Supro Trailer cooperates with famous hydraulic parts manufacturers, such as "POCLAIN", " KEISLER", "REXROTH" etc. So we are able to provide stable quality SPMT for overseas clients. And the Supro SPMT is famous as high cost performance brand in the world. Our price is much better than European`s SPMT. So you can get return of the investment soonest.

Specifications of the Supro SPMT

1 Payload at 5 km/h----------------------------approx. 240,000 kg

2 Dead weight of transporters----------------approx. 27,000 kg

3 Gross weight of transporter-----------------approx. 267,000 kg

4 Axle Line-----------------------------------------6

5 Wheel bogies per axle line------------------2

6 Number of wheel bogies---------------------12

7 Wheel bogie load 5 km/h--------------------approx. 6x 45,000 kg

8 Driving Wheel Bogies------------------------2

9 Brake Wheel Bogies--------------------------8

10 Tires---------------------------------------------48x 235/75-R17.5

11 Max. Traction per bogie--------------------80kN

12 Gradient Ability fully loaded --------------8%

13 Max. speed fully loaded--------------------Approx. 5 km/h

14 Max. speed unloaded-----------------------approx. 10 km/h

15 Platform height lowest----------------------1.000mm2.16 Platform height in driving condition--------1.300 mm

17 Axle load compensation--------------------± 300mm

18 Wheel bogie distance-----------------------1,600 mm

19 Wheel bogie track----------------------------2,200 mm

20 Platform width---------------------------------3,600 mm

21 Platform length--------------------------------9,600 mm

Vedio of the Supro SPMT ( similar with Goldhofer SPMT)

Photos of the Supro SPMT

Goldhofer SPMT

Goldhofer self propelled modular trailer

Goldhofer self propelled modular trailer

Goldhofer SPMT

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