Manual Steering Mode of 6 Axles Low Bed Trailer

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2021.04.07

Multi axles low bed trailer, Only need the manual steering operation mode!

1. Supro Trailer is your wise option of Multi axles low bed trailer cause we are the leader of Multi axles low bed trailer designing and producing!

2. Supro Trailer has multi steering system of the multi axles low bed trailer. We can make the automatic multi axles low bed trailer by hydraulic system and pheumatic system that can meet different budget of the projection. About the hydraulic system, Supro Trailer welcome any customization on the multi axles trailer such as we make the telescping beam among the trailer to extend the loading length or we make the hydraulic suspension of the trailer which also has jack up function.

3. In order to reduce the cost of the multi axles low bed trailer, Supro Trailer made the manual steering mode of it. So that we do not need a independent power pack, and the steering system is simple than automatic hydraulic steering cylinders` system.

Specifications of the Multi axles low bed trailer:

1.Dimension----------------------------------------15880X2550(+250x2)+950(2800 ladder height)

2. ABS--------------------------------------------------4S/2M, 1 set, Wabco, only front 2 axles.

3. Brake chamber------------------------------------6 double chambers and 6 single chambers.

4. Emergency relay valve---------------------------2 pieces

5. Gross mass------------------------------------------88000KG

6. Dead weight-----------------------------------------18000KG

7. Rated weight----------------------------------------70000KG

8. Axle distance----------------------------------------6790+1310x5mm

9. Wheel distance-------------------------------------2000mm(all 6 axles)

10. Axle--------------------------------------------------3 psc normal axles+ 3 pcs hydraulic axles

Notes: The hydraulic axle could be customized as automatic steering. It could be Pneumatic  steering and hydraulic steering. This is altinative opinion.

11. Suspension-----------------------------------------8pcs

12. Tyre size and amount----------------------------24 pcs, 235/75R17.5

13. Rim---------------------------------------------------24pcs, 6.74x17.5

14. Kingpin-----------------------------------------------90#

15. Landing leg------------------------------------------2 pcs 28 tons

16. Widen plate----------------------------------------11 pcs for each side

17. Hydraulic ladder----------------------------------2 pcs

18. Cylinder of Hydraulic ladder-------------------1 set

19. Steering cylinder----------------------------------3 pcs 110/60 model

20. Manual steering operation box----------------1 set

21. Power station--------------------------------------24V electric pump

22. Electric system-------------------------------------24V

23. Steering----------------------------------------------Manual operation and automatic steering

Drawing of the Multi axles low bed trailer

Photos of the Multi axles low bed trailer

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