(ST9HE) 9 Axles Hydraulic Suspension Extendable Low Bed Trailer

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2021.04.15

Multi axles Hydraulic supspension low bed trailer - Each axle has independent jack up system!

Against on the developing of the oversize load business, the market needs more heavier and longer multi axles low bed trailer! Many local manufacturers that only can make the automatic steering (hydraulic cylinders system) multi axles low bed traielr ,but can not make the hydraulic suspension multi axles low bed trailer which can lift up the cargo platform and each suspension has independent adjustable function! If we are going to buy the same structure trailer from European market, the price is very expensive, and the maintanence and repair cost is very hard in future! Now! Supro Trailer have produced the hydraulic suspension for overseas market!

2. Features of Multi axles Hydraulic suspension low bed trailer

The trailer has telescoping beams among the trailer, and the length welcome the customization.

It has 3 steering modes. Automatic steering by truck, Remote controller steering and Hand operation steering.

Hydraulic suspension, can adjust the height of axle, and keep the balance height of the trailer to improve the safety factor.

Hydraulic gooseneck can be adjusted the height.

Drawing of the trailer

drawing of multi axles low bed trailer

Front view of the closed length

multi axles low bed trailer

Rear view of the Closed length

multi axles lowloader semi trailer

Stretchable length of the trailer

multi axles semi lowloader trailer

Rear control panel

multi axles trailer control panel

Front control panel

multi axles control panel

Remote controller

Multi axles low bed trailer remote controller

Hydraulic suspension and steering system

hydraulic suspension multi axles low bed trailer

Video of the 9 lines trailer

3. Specifications of the Multi axles hydraulic suspension trailer

3.1 Dimension -----------------------------------------18500*2990(250x2)*1050(+200/-90)mm

3.2 Totally weight -------------------------------------118500kg

3.3 Dead weight ---------------------------------------28500kg

3.4 Rated loading capacity ---------------------------90000kg ( at closed length)

3.5 Axle distance ( at closed length) ----------------5735+1310*8mm

3.6 Wheel distance ------------------------------------2400mm

3.7 Axles -----------------------------------------------13 tons/ 1pcs, 11 tons steering axles/ 8pcs

3.8 Tyre ------------------------------------------------215/75R17.5, 36pcs

3.9 Rim -------------------------------------------------6.0*17.5 36pcs

3.10 Steering angle ------------------------------------25°

3.11 ABS ------------------------------------------------without

3.12 Braking chamber ---------------------------------T25 double chambers, 18pcs

3.13 Emergency relay valve ---------------------------Webco, 3pcs

3.14 Kingpin---------------------------------------------50#

3.15 Suspension ----------------------------------------hydraulic suspension/ 18pcs, 110/60 mode/ 18pcs

3.16 Cylinder --------------------------------------------Lifting cylinders 160 mode/2pcs, Steering cylinders 80/50 mode/ 2pcs, steering cylinders 110/60 mode/ 8pcs

3.17 Control panel --------------------------------------Front control panel and rear control panel( manual operation and remote control)

3.18 Hydraulic power pack --------------------------- 1100 mode

3.19 Electric system ------------------------------------24V

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