Shipyard Transporter - 10 Steering Modes + 2 Drive Modes

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2021.04.22

10 Steering Modes +2 Driver Modes that Supro Trailer is your good supplier of Shipyard Transporter! 

Supro Trailer have been producing the shipyard transporter since 1980s, and we have accumulated abundant experience on it. Our company welcome any customizatioin on the shipyard transporter, and the technology is relibale for the optioin! 

Supro Trailer coopeates with famous brands of hydraulic accessories and components to guarantee the quality stability and achive advanced technology design. Also our shipyard transporter is able to work under extreme whether such as Russian market! 

Steering modes of Supro shipyard transporter

shipyard transporter steering modes

Driving cab shipyard transporter video

Driverless shipyard transporter video

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