Detachable Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2021.04.28

Detachable Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer - Customized Your Lowboy Trailer by Supro Trailer

Nowdays, the oversize load companies has more special demands on the semi trailers. Even the hydraulic gooseneck lowboy trailer which includes detachable gooseneck and folding gooseneck that is a normal semi trailer for oversize load companies. The companies use electric gooseneck to take replace of hydraulic gooseneck, and also use electic power pack to take replace of diesel power pack. Also, the companies want to customize the boggie suspension axles low bed trailer should be steering axles. 

If you are going to import the customized lowboy trailer from European markets, the price and the after sales service are very expensive. The structure of the European semi trailer is very complex, it is advanced, so the repair and maintance in future are complex and expensive! Supro Trailr customizes the lowboy trailer with good price! And it can achieve basic functions as you want! 

Specifications of Detachable gooseneck low bed trailer: 

1. Dimensions: 14450mm length * 2500mm width( 250mm*2) * 1220mm 

2. Fifth around height : 1350mm 

3. Middle loading platform height: 800mm 

4. Tactor pin: 90#

5. Axle distance: 1310mm 

6. Wheel distance: 1840mm

7. Tyre amounts: 16pcs

8. Tyre specifications: 11R22.5 

9. Rim specifications: 8.25x22.5

10. Height of beam: 500mm / HG60 Steel standard

11. Thickness of platform: 4mm

12. Suspension: Mechanical spring suspension

13. Dead weight: 17 tons

14. Max. loading capacity 80 tons. 

15. Power pack: 12kw diesel power pack

16. Axles: 16 tons York

Photos of the detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer

detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer

detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer

detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer

detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer

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