8 Axles Extendable Low Bed Trailer

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2022.02.14

Do you have projection of Windmill blade transport? And do you have some questions from our clients?

Supro Trailer has participated in many windmill blade projections as a factory of Windmll blade trailer. So we have arranged some questions from our clients who were do the windmill blade transport before.

Stretchable Length. The windmill blade is longer and longer in future, so we request the trailer should have a long stretchable length to meet future transport. But it is not easy to find a good factory which is able to produce such long distance trailer,because the telescoping beams should be stronger enough for long length blade!

Alxe Amounts. And also the dead weight of windmill blade become more bigger. Our country has limited loading capacity of each axle, that request us to use multi axles extendable trailer for windmill blade transport.

Steering System. The multi axles extendable trailer should has automatic steering system. We requet hydraulic system of the automatic function! So the factory must be very professional on hydraulic steering system!

Structure Strength. The trailer is very long, and also it have to meet long distance transport. If it is too week, it absolutely can not finish some big projections! So we request the structrure strength of it should be stronger!

Quality. We do not want to pay time on repair and maintanence always! Nobody wants to buy a garbage!

Price. It is very important to us. The world economy is not good, so we do not have much money on budget. Please give me your best price!

If you have some questions with them. That says you need a factory who has professional and powerful technology ablity on Multi axles extendable trailer. And also the price and quality should is good for your budget!

Check the introduction of our E8A-AH Multi axles extendable trailer, and you will know that Supro Trailer is your good option!

(1). Supro Trailer use electric battary for hydraulic gooseneck as our clients required.

(2). We design rear 5 axles use hydraulic system for automatic steering function. We have to say that Supro Trailer is leading the technology of hydraulic system of heavy transporters! Whatever the hydraulic modular trailer or Multi axles-hydraulic suspension low bed trailer. You can set your heart free to cooperate with Supro Trailer on hydraulic system transporters!

(3). Supro Trailer use Air suspension for front 3 axles. It is jack up air suspension, then you can change the travelling axles against on cargo dead weight! It can save oil comsuption and tyre wear.

Drawing and photo of the E8A-AH Extendable multi axles low bed trailer

technology drawing of 8 axles extendable low bed trailer

8 axles extendable low bed trailer for wind blade

Video of the E8A-AH Extendable low bed trailer

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