Hydraulic suspension&Multi axles trailer for tank cargo

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2022.03.08

Hydraulic suspension & Automatic steering Multi axles low bed trailer

Many heavy transport companies only can import heavy transporters from European manufacturers before such as Goldhofer, Scheuerle and TII. Especially the customized heavy transporters which against on particular oversize load business, it need long time to recovery the cost on heavy transporter. So it has persuaded many companies to give up oversize load business! But Now! Supro Trailer helps your oversize business that only need 1/3 cost of European transporters!

Supro Trailer produces multi axles low bed trailer for tank cargo transport.

(1). The trailer uses hydraulic suspension which has good balance ability during the transport and protect your cargo from damage! So the height of cargo platform is adjustable which improves the passing ablity of the trailer!

(2). The trailer use Hydraulic system of automatic steering system to shorten the steering radius!

(3). Also the trailer has telescoping beam to meet various length of tank cargo!

If you has special requirements on heavy transporters and want to customized your trailer, just free feel to contact Supro Trailer! Supro Trailer saves your money from European manufacturers!

Comfigurations of the multi axles low bed trailer

1.The trailer equipped 6pcs and 15 tons axles. It made the steering by hydraulic rods, and the steering angle is 55°.

2.The Tyre specification is 295/R80/22.5

3.It use hydraulic lifting gooseneck, the lifting distance is 0-400mm. The diameter of cylinders are 180mm and 250mm. The power pack of gooseneck use 14KW wather cooler diesel engine.

4.The trailer has 7m telescoping beam, and the main beam use Q550 steel. The middle beam has 40mm camber height.

5.The trailer can load 80 tons cargo at closed length. Also the platform has 4pcs container twist locks for container transport. And the middle beam has 4pcs circular beams.

6.It has a hydraulic jack up circular beam in the rear part of the trailer.

7.The drawing only for the reference of the structure. And the produced trailer may has some different with the drawing.

8.Technology drawing in the next page.

Drwaing of the Multi axles low bed trailer

technicial drawing of the multi axles low bed trailer

Photos of the Multi axles low bed trailer

multi axles low bed trailer for tank cargo transport

multi axles low bed trailer for tank cargo transport

multi axles low bed trailer for tank cargo transport

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