New Generation Folding Gooseneck Trailer

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2022.04.08

New generation folding gooseneck lowboy trailer which is superior quality standard and for Japanese market!

How much the price of European folding gooseneck lowboy trailer? It should beyond 200000USD even much more! If you want to customize the folding gooseneck lowboy trailer such as the hydraulic suspension, steering axles, electric gooseneck etc. The price could be very and very high! And it is not suitable for developing markets!

But what if you from developing countries and want to buy superior quality hydraulic gooseneck lowboy trailer as well as European lowboy trailers. You should contact with Supro Trailer! Because we only need 1/3 to 1/2 cost of European lowboy trailers!

Why we are able to produce the folding gooseneck lowboy trailer for Japanese market

As we know that Japanese market has rigorous quality system on products! Not only the trailer should be advanced, but also each of manufacturing technology should be perfect! Such as the painting must be glaze and has ZERO splash!

(1). Supro Trailer is leading the technology of customized low bed trailer, and we have accumulated abundant experience on the heavy transporters. So we can able to produced advanced folding gooseneck lowboy trailer and meet each technology requirements from our Japanese client!

(2). Agaisnt on our produced photos, you can see that the manufacturing technology of Supro Trailer as well as European manufacturers!

(3). Not only Japanese market, but also Supro Trailer has experience on American and European markets. We welcome you contact to request advanced markets cases to be your reference!

Photos of the Japanese market folding gooseneck lowboy trailer

japanese folding gooseneck lowboy trailer

japanese folding gooseneck lowboy trailer

japanese folding gooseneck lowboy trailer

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