Dolly Trailer & Girder Bridge Heavy Transporter

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2021.04.20

Dolly Trailer and Girder Bridge 

Normally, the oversize transport compaines are using girder bridge combine with hydraulic modualr trailer, whatever the Nicolas or Goldhofer structure, the cost of whole set of the transporter is very expensive! Some countries has no limited loading capacity of each axle or Tyre, so the clients want to use simple structure transporter to start the projection and save the cost.

Specifications of the dolly trailer with girder bridge

1. Max.loading 400 tons ( can be customized)

2. Length, Width of the girder bridge is cutomized.

3. Heigh is adjustable. It has 8pcs cylinders to jake up the cargo platform. (Front 4pcs and Rear 4pcs)

4. Rear semi trailer has steering axles to short the steering radius