Drop Deck Bed&Vessel Bridge

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2019.08.26

1. What is good Drop deck bed and Vessel bridge?

Supro Trailer has advanced technology ability on drop deck bed and vessel bridge of Hydraulic modular trailer. So we are able to produce various structurs for different cargo transport. For example, we produce fixed length&width and adjustable length&width drop deck beds to be your option.

Not only  we have advanced design ability of drop deck bed, but also Supro Trailer has mature manufacturing experience on it! You do not need to worry about structure strength of long distance drop deck bed, Supro Trailer is able to make the structure as stronger as we design! Kindly please check the below video of 32m length and 100 tons drop deck bed! You will find the long beam is stronger enough for full loading and do not sink down! When you use our drop deck bed in future,  you shoud be satisfied with our quality and set your heart free on each heavy projection! We are honor to claim that Supro Trailer has exported over 5 sets of drop deck bed to American market for our superior quality!

Video of the 32m / 100 tons drop deck bed

2. How many structures of drop deck bed / vessel bridge do we produce.

2.1 "STDB" Drop deck bed

Supro produces normal standard of drop deck bed with Goldhofer and Nicolas. We give the model number "STDD". The length of width of "STDD" are fixed, and we welcome you customize the dimension and loading capacity of the "STDD" drop deck bed!

Video of "STDB" drop deck bed

Photo of "STDB" Drop deck bed with hydraulic modular trailer goldhofer drop deck bed

"STDB" for Goldhofer THP/SL

goldhofer vessel bridge

goldhofer vessel bridge

STDB for Nicolas trailer

drop deck bed for Nicolas trailer

2.2 "DBC" Drop deck bed

Each model of hydraulic modular trailer should has its Max. loading capacity with drop deck bed. If the weight of cargo beyond its Max. loading capacity, it will damge the combination files of hydraulic modular trailer. Goldhofer can allow Max. 230 tons drop deck bed, and Nicolas allow Max. 180 tons drop deck bed. How can we make the drop deck bed for over weight cargo? We can make 2 pieces of weight sharing beams on the drop deck bed to share weights on the hydraulic modular trailer! Then it can protect of combination files of it. Also you can use the "DBC" as "STDB" drop deck bed once you remove the weight sharing beams.

Video of "DBC" drop deck bed with weight sharing beams

Photo of "DBC" drop deck bed

drop deck bed with weight sharing beams

Drawing of "DBC" Drop deck bed

drop deck bed with weight sharing beams

Photos of "DBC" - Loading deck

drop deck bed with weight sharing beams

drop deck bed with weight sharing beams.

"DBC" Drop deck bed can combine with Goldhofer THP/SL directly

goldhofer vessel bridge

Weight sharing beams of "DBC"

weight sharing beams of Goldhofer drop deck bed

drop deck bed with weight sharing beam

2.3 "DGB" Drop deck bed with Turntable

The "DGB" Drop deck bed is similar with Girder bridge trailer, but the cost is cheaper than it. It do not connect with Hydrualic modular trailer directly as our "DBC" drop deck bed, and it combine with hydraulic modular trailer with a turntable. It makes the "DGB" has relative turning angle between hydraulic modular trailer. So the whole transporter need smaller turning raduis.

Video of "DGB" drop deck bed

Photos of "DGB Drop deck bed

drop deck bed with turntable

"DGB"- Photos before delivery

goldhofer drop deck bed

drop deck bed with turntable

drop deck bed with turntable

drop deck bed with turntable

2.4 "STDD" Detachable head Drop deck bed

Supro also produces detachable gooseneck drop deck bed for excavator and other self propelled machine transport. And also it can be customized by different length decks to combine the length as you want.

STDD- Detachable gooseneck drop deck bed

segments drop deck bed

STDD with different length decks(3+4+5m)

drop deck bed

2.5 "STED" Drop deck bed

Because the length and width of "STED" are adjustable. And it is more popular in the world right now. Also we can make different length decks to make combination to extend the length of STED.

STED- Extendable drop deck bed

extendable drop deck bed

Video of "STED" Drop deck bed

Working video of "STED" Drop deck bed

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