Weight Sharing Beams of Drop Deck Bed

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2022.07.27

Do you know why we have to add a pair of weight sharing beams for your hydraulic modular trailer? 

When we are using hydrualic modular trailer to do oversize load business, we have to take consider of some limited transport policies. Such as limited loading capacity of hydraulic modular trailer and Min. passing height. In order to meet Min.passing height,so we need a drop deck bed to do the transport! 

When we are designing the drop deck bed, we are not only have to take consider the strength of Max. loading capacity, but also we have to take consider whether the strength of your hydraulic modular trailer can bear the Max. loading capcity. For example. If you are using Nicolas structure hydraulic modular trailer, the combination files of it only can bear Max. 180 tons cargo ( with drop deck bed). Or the drop deck bed with cargo would twist and damage the combination files of Nicolas trailer. So we need a weight sharing beam to share some weight on hydraulic modular trailer and protect the combination files! 

Image that if you were cooperated with unprofessional supplier, but they did not take consider of the protection on your hydraulic modular trailer. It would cause big loss for you and your client! If you are working with Supro Trailer, and we are able to set your heart free on your oversize load business! Supro Trailer - saves your money from European manufacturers! 

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