Supro (Goldhofer) THP/SL Photos and Videos

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2019.08.02

Brief Introduction: Supro Trailer produce the Hydraulic modular trailer paralled with Germany Goldhofer THP/SL. The article shows some photos and video of the Supro THP/SL such as Hydraulic gooseneck, Hydraulic suspension, Steering head, Steering cylinders etc.

1. Supro Hydraulic Modular Trailer

1.1. Supro Trailer produces heavy transporters since 1951 year, and we produced the first set of Hydraulic modular trailer in China. Now days, Supro produce over 10000 axle lines Hydraulic modular trailer now, and we produce over 800 axle lines every year! Supro is the leader of the Heavy transporter manufacturing in the world.

1.2. Supro produces Hydraulic modular trailer(HMT) parallel with Goldhofer, Nicolas and Scheuerle. Against on our Hydraulic modular trailer technology, Supro redesign the HMT structure to meet different cargo transport demands. Such as we design new structure HMT which can load 50 tons cargo per line. And also we redign the HMT to transport China rockets transporatioin. Supro HMT exported to European markets such as France, Germnay, Russian, England etc.

1.3 Agaisnt on our abundanet and accumulated technoogy of hydraulic system transporter, Supro produces Self propelled modular trailer and Shipyard transporter. Supro make 4 different hydraulic systems of the SPMT to meet different budget projection. Supro Trailer produced the Shipyard transporter with driver cab and also we produce the Driverless shipyard transporter.

2. Goldhofer THP/SL

2.1 Supro Trailer produces THP/SL and THP/H series. The systems of the THP/SL and THP/H are same, but the width is different. Goldhofer THP/SL is 3000mm width, and the THP/H is 3600mm width. So the strength and stability of the THP/H is better than Goldhfoer THP/SL. Also it can combine with heavier tooling such as Drop deck bed, Turntable, Spacer etc.

2.2 Supro Trailer produces over 300 axle lines THP/SL every year, and cooperates with some famous European brands hydraulic accessories manufacturers to degisn the accessories for our customized transporters. Also the stable suppliers of the accessories can guarantee the quality of our transporters. The components of Supro THP/SL also can combine with Goldhofer THP/SL. Such as Hydraulic gooseneck, Steering head, Hydraulic suspension etc.

2.3 Supro THP/SL Specification

Godlhofer THP/SL specification
Loading Axle No. Gross WT.(kg) Tare WT.(kg) Rated load./kg No. of Tyre Min.turning radius/mm Out side size /mm
inside outside L W H
45 tons 2 53600 8600 45000 16 450 4070 3000 2900 1175
65 tons 3 77400 12400 65000 24 1500 5800 4500 2900 1175
90 tons 4 106200 16200 90000 32 2600 7600 6000 2900 1175
110 tons 5 130000 20000 110000 40 1500 5800 7500 2900 1175
135 tons 6 158800 23800 135000 48 2000 6700 9000 2900 1175
155 tons 7 182600 27600 155000 56 2600 7600 10500 2900 1175
180 tons 8 211400 31400 180000 64 3100 8500 13000 2900 1175
Tyre size 215/75R17.5 135/135J Rim Tyre 6.0x17.5(10 holes)
Taming mode Full wheel steering of constancy steering Braking system Double pipe braking system/ Double Hoot/Acting on all wheels
Wheelbase (mm) 1500 Track Front/Back 735/1800
Axle capacity 22500 Platform Height 1175 +300/-300

2.4 Loading Sheet of Supro THP/SL

Speed (km/h)

Loading (tons)





















3. Photos and Videos of the Supro (Goldhofer) THP/SL

3.1 Vedio of the Supro THP/SL

3.2 Overview of the Supro THP/SL

goldhofer thp sl

goldhofer china

3.3 Hydraulic combination cylinder after the Supro THP/SL. The combination holes dimension is same as Goldhofer THP/SL. So it can combine with Germany Goldhofer THP/SL.

goldhofer thp sl China

3.4 Full trailer for Supro (Goldhofer) THP/SL

In order to reduce the cost of the projection budget, we usually use the drawbar to take replace of the hydraulic gooseneck.

Goldhofer full trailer

3.4 Steering head of Supro THP/SL

goldhofer steering head

goldhofer hydraulic pins

3.5 Control panel of Supro THP/SL

The Supro THP/SL control panel also can work with Supro Goldhofer THP/SL.

Goldhofer control panel

3.6 Hydraulic Suspension

The hydraulic system of the Supro THP/SL is 100% same as Goldhofer THP/SL. So you can use Supro suspension to work with Goldhofer THP/SL.


3.7 Supro THP/SL steering system

Against on this steering structure, Supro makes Self propelled modular transporter to similar with Goldhofer structure. And the cost is much better!

goldhofer steering system

3.8 Working video of the Supro THP/SL

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