Goldhofer THP/SL Whole Producing Photos

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2019.08.01

1. Supro THP/SL Introduction

Supro Trailer produces hydraulic modular trailer THP/SL model to parallel with Goldhofer THP/SL. The hydraulic system and electric system of the Supro THP/SL is exactly same as the Goldhofer THP/SL, and the components of Supro THP/SL is universal with Goldhofer THP/SL. Such as the Hydraulic suspension, Hydraulic gooseneck, Steering head etc. And also Supro Trailer produces some toolings for Goldhofer THP/SL such as Drop deck bed, Spacer, Turntable etc. So we welcome your inquiry of the Goldhofer THP/SL toolings from us. In order to guarantee the quality standard and working stability of the Supro THP/SL, Supro Trailer use overseas famous hydraulic parts such as BRIVINI, Danffos etc. A

2. Supro - Goldhofer THP/SL Specification

Supro THP/SL modular trailer specification
Loading Axle No. Gross WT.(kg) Tare WT.(kg) Rated load./kg No. of Tyre Min.turning radius/mm Out side size /mm
inside outside L W H
45 tons 2 53600 8600 45000 16 450 4070 3000 2900 1175
65 tons 3 77400 12400 65000 24 1500 5800 4500 2900 1175
90 tons 4 106200 16200 90000 32 2600 7600 6000 2900 1175
110 tons 5 130000 20000 110000 40 1500 5800 7500 2900 1175
135 tons 6 158800 23800 135000 48 2000 6700 9000 2900 1175
155 tons 7 182600 27600 155000 56 2600 7600 10500 2900 1175
180 tons 8 211400 31400 180000 64 3100 8500 13000 2900 1175
Tyre size 215/75R17.5 135/135J Rim Tyre 6.0x17.5(10 holes)
Taming mode Full wheel steering of constancy steering Braking system Double pipe braking system/ Double Hoot/Acting on all wheels
Wheelbase (mm) 1500 Track Front/Back 735/1800
Axle capacity 22500 Platform Height 1175 +300/-300

Supro THP/SL Speed and Loading table▼

Speed (km/h)

Loading (tons)





















3. Frame of the Supro THP/SL producing

The headquarter of Supro Trailer locate in Shanghai, and it has over 120 workers, and 30 professional engineers to do the study, design, assembly and commissioining works. The average age of our engineer is over 40 years old, and has than 10 engineers has over 30 experience on the hydraulic system trailer. Supro Trailer establish a modern factory in Jiangsu province to do the steel frame building.

goldhofer trailer

goldhofer trailer

goldhofer trailer

4. Hydraulic parts of the Supro THP/SL

In order to make steady quality standard hydraulic modular trailer, Supro Trailer use overseas brands for the trailer, such as quaick connector, hydraulic sealing, hydraulic valves etc.After the frame of the THP/SL shipped in our headquarter, our workers would install the hydraulic parts on the frame.

hydraulic parts

goldhofer hydraulic parts

5. Painting of the frame

After the hydraulic parts install, Supro workers will do the painting for the transporter frame. And then will install the hosepipes and hydraulic cylinders.

goldhofer thp sl frame

goldhofer hosepipes

goldhofer thp sl

goldhofer thp sl

goldhofer thp sl

6. Hydraulic suspension

Supro Trailer do not produce the hydraulic suspension directly, and we only custmize itfrom professional manufacturer so that the quality of the hydraulic suspension is more better and stable. Supro engineer team give the design and idea to the hydraulic parts factory, and study with them to build the good hydraulic suspension for our hydraulic modular trailer.

goldhofer thp sl suspension

goldhofer hydraulic suspension

goldhofer thp sl producing

goldhofer thp sl suspension

goldhofer suspension

7. Install the Tyres

After the assembly of the Supro THP/SL, Supro instabll the Tyres on the trailer.

goldhofer thp sl

goldhofer thp sl

goldhofer thp sl

8. Commissioning of the Supro THP/SL

9. Heavy duty transformer transport job

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