What`s the Classification of Supro Multi axles trailer

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2019.08.02

1. Multi - Axles Trailer

The multi axles trailer is the vechile who has over 4 axle trailer. For the multi axles, it should have steering axles to reduce the steering raduis (steering distance), and also some multi axles trailer has lifting suspenion.

The famous manufacturers of the multi axles trailer in the world has Goldhofer, Scheuerle, Supro, Nicolas. The multi axle trailer mainly has multi axles low bed and multi axles hydraulic suspension modular trailer.

2. Multi axles low bed trailer

In the multi axles low bed trailer market, Supro Trailer is the leader in the world. Supro multi axles low bed trailer structure is very simple, and also cost is much and more better than European market. Supro Trailer make the mechanical suspension of the steering multi axles trailer, that can reduce the much cost of the trailer.

2.1 Jake up suspension trailer

7 axle lines, middle 3 axle lines are fixed, the front 2 axle lines and rear 2 axle lines are jake up suspension. No steering function. This trailer could adjust the axle numbers against on the cargo weight, and also can meet the load weight limited area.

multi axles low bed trailer

2.2 Steering axles low bed trailer

Could be custmized whole linkage hydraulic steering axles, and also could be custimzed rear or front some axles are linkage steering, and other axles are fixed.This hydraulic cylinders steering, and equip a power station to pull the cylinders to make the steering. The steering operation could be automatic and manual control.

multi axle low bed trailer

2.3 Pneumatic steering low bed trailer

Cost is more better than the hydraulic cylinder steering, and the each axle steering is independent, 6 axles low bed trailer and the rear 2 axles are pneumatic steering.

multi axle low bed trailer

3. Hydraulic suspension multi axle trailer.

About the hydraulic suspension multi axle trailer, it include hydraulic modular trailer, Self propelled modular trailer, lowloader trailer(goldhofer).

3.1 Hydraulic modular trailer

Hydraulic modular trailer is the most popular multi axle trailer in the world, and the most popular hydraulic modular trailer is the Goldhofer THP family. Supro Trailer make the hydraulic modular trailer to combine with the Goldhofer THP/SL. For the more details of the Supro THP/SL, please visit the product information.

3.2 8 axles hydraulic modular trailer with hydraulic gooseneck

multi axle hydraulic modular trailer

multi axle modular trailer

Supro Trailer produce the hydraulic gooseneck for the Goldhofer THP/SL, and in order to make the hydraulic gooseneck to combine with Original Goldhofer, we use the same overseas brands of hydraulic parts and valves with Goldhofer for the gooseneck.

multi axle modular trailer

multi axle modular trailer

Supro Trailer produce steering head for the Goldhofer THP/SL, not only 2 tandems Goldhofer, but also 3 tandems and 4 tandems hydraulic modular trailer (Goldhofer, Nicolas)

goldhofer multi axle trailer

goldhofer multi axle trailer

4. Self propelled modular trailer

This is the most expensive multi axles trailer in the world. The transporter has drive axles and brake axles. Supro Trailer produce the SPMT to combine with Goldhofer, Nicolas and Scheuerle.

spmt goldhofer

5. Lowloader trailer (Goldhofer)

The structure of the lowloader trailer is similar with the hydraulic modular trailer. But the lowloader trailer one axle line only has one axle, we also call it single axle. And the hydraulic modular trailer has 2 axles per line.

lowloader goldhofer

6. Supro lowloader trailer with extendable beam

multi axle low bed trailer

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