What is Goldhofer Transporter? 5 axle Supro THP/SL

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2019.08.02

1. Goldhofer Transporter

Goldhofer is a famous manufacturer of heavy transporters in the world, and the series of Goldhofer include Hydraulic modular trailer, Low bed trailer (multi axles, extendable low bed trailer), Self propelled transporters, airport truck etc. To learn more about What is Goldhofer AG family, please visit the link.

The most popular series of Goldhofer is THP/SL family. Supro Trailer produce the hydraulic modular trailer to combine with Goldhofer THP/SL , THP/H, and Goldhofer Self propelled transporter. Not only the whole transporter, but also Supro Trailer produce some tooling for the Goldhofer hydraulic modular trailer such as Hydraulic gooseneck ,Spacer, Drop deck bed, Girder bridge, Turntable, Extendable beam etc to extend the using range of the Goldhofer transporter. For detail specification of Supro- Goldhofer THP/SL, please visit the Goldhofer product information.

2. Goldhofer Full Trailer

Goldhofer semi trailer only has two structure, Goldhofer TU-L and TN-L.The semi trailer has no goosneck, and the Goldhofer is advanced by the steering axles and air suspension. The series trailer is for small machinery transport.

goldhofer semi trailer

goldhofer semi trailer for sale

3. Goldhofer Semi Trailer

The semi trailer different with the full trailer is that semi trailer has gooseneck combine with the truck, and the full trailer has gooseneck.

Goldhofer has 2 series of the semi trailer, one is Flated trailer and another one is lowloader trailer. Goldhofer flatbed trailer has Extendable flatbed trailer for wind blade which Max. length is 70m. So Supro Extendable flatbed trailer, Max. length is able to reach 62m.

3.1 Goldhofer flatbed trailer

goldhofer flatbed trailer

Goldhofer wind blade extendable trailer

3.2 Goldhofer lowloader trailer

Goldhofer produce the lowloader trailer for heavy duty machinery transport. Goldhofer lowlower trailer mainly has 2 classification. One is single axle with hydraulic suspension, and one one is single axle with hydraulic suspension and steering function which also has more than 5 axle lines of the vehicle.  Supro Trailer also has the ablity to make 9 lines hydraulic suspension trailer with steering function.

Goldhofer lowloader semi trailer

Goldhofer lowloader semi trailer

4. Goldhofer heavy - duty modules

Goldhofer heavy duty modules has two series, one is hydraulic modular trailer and another one is Self propelled modular trailer. The most popular of Goldhofer hydraulic modular trailer is the THP/SL family. And Supro is able to make Supro THP/SL combine with the THP/SL, and also can make some tooling for the THP/SL family.

Goldhofer thp sl

Goldhofer thp sl

5. Five axle lines to combine Goldhofer THP/SL

Supro Trailer produce 5 axles for Malaysia market to make the combination with the Original Goldhofer THP/SL. More sepecification of the Supro THP/SL, please visit our production information.

goldhofer transporter

goldhofer transporter for sale

goldhofer transporter for sale

goldhofer transporter for sale

goldhofer transporter for sale