Goldhofer AG Introduction

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2019.08.26

1. Goldhofer AG: a world champion in heavy and large cargo transport.

Transport solutions for all types of operations: for more than 300 years, Goldhofer has developed the heavy transport and special transport technologies necessary to translate customer requirements into practical solutions. Maximum vertical integration for the production of semi-trailers, towed and self-propelled modules in its German plant in Memmingen and a commitment to R & D provides the basis for its high quality standards and its wide range of products and services in the relevant areas .

2. Low semi-trailers and platform semi-loaders

Goldhofer offers the full range of axle technology that covers knuckle-type steering axles with pneumatic suspension or hydraulic axle suspension, pendulum axle technology and Mac-Pherson »MPA« axle technology. All friction-driven vehicles are available as low semi-loaders, power steering vehicles are also available as semi-trailers with drop platforms.
Goldhofer AG

3. Goldhofers MPA technology: award-winning patent

In just three years, Goldhofers patented and award-winning MPA axle technology has become the benchmark for the heavy transport industry. With a system based on only a few high strength components in combination with a low maintenance independent suspension for a minimum deadweight, Goldhofer has developed a robust solution reduced to the essentials. These strengths give Goldhofers MPA axle technology the cutting edge compared to other steering axle systems. A steering angle of 60 ° for maximum maneuverability, an impressive suspension stroke with a minimum difference of trajectory throughout the race and a minimum load height of 780 mm combined with fifth wheel loads between 20 and 35 tons set new standards throughout the industry. In response to market demand, Goldhofer now offers MPA technology as an option with all its models in the semi and low load range.

The Goldhofer STZ-P with proven and proven pendular shaft technology

Germany Goldhofer AG

STZ-P - reliable in all terrain

Goldhofer STZ-Ps with proven and proven pendular axle technology have the lowest load heights for semi-trailers with ball bearing ring technology and pendular axles and combine payloads of up to 150 tonnes with low dead weights. The Goldhofer STZ-P series is composed of highly

maneuverable transport vehicles which, with a 600 mm suspension stroke, take difficult terrain with their passage. With their pendulum axle technology, these semi-trailers offer a highly dynamic steering with a maximum steering angle of 65 degrees. Goldhofer meets the individual needs of customers with a choice of models with between three and ten axle lines. That is the key to flexible transport solutions for a wide range of loads, from large machines to large industrial facilities.

Germany Goldhofer AG

Goldhofers STZ-VP (285)

Available from March 2017: the first folding semi-trailer in its class! The new STZ-VP with a tire width of 285 mm is a very attractive solution, with an impressive payload combined with an extremely low dead weight. With its high bending moment, wide steering angle and optimized recess of the excavator, the STZ-VP (285) is a true workhorse. For standard and exceptional operations alike, the STZ-VP (285) is the ideal solution. It allows customers to handle a wide variety of jobs with a single vehicle: great savings in terms of capital costs. The STZ-VP (285) is capable of supporting fifth wheel loads of up to 52 tonnes and also a 16 ton axle load and offers flexible front coupling and uncoupling for a wide range of transport operations. The STZ-VP also remains available with a tire width of 245 mm.

Goldhofer THP SL
The THP / SL family: heavy-duty modular solutions not driven in all weight categories with proven ball bearing ring technology.

On the road or at the construction site: the low dead load is not all that makes the THP / SL-S such a flexible solution. This lightweight vehicle has a high bending moment and is ideal for concentrated loads and high loads on the platform, platform or platform. It is designed for axle loads of up to 15.6 tons with 245/70 and up to 23 tons with 285/70 tires. With large tires, the SL-S is a winner for off-road capability, while the advantage of the THP / SL-L, which is equipped with double 215/75 tires, is the perfect combination of payload and payloads.

Goldhofer AG

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