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Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2019.08.01

1.Goldhofer THP/SL Product introduction

Goldhofer THP/SL

1. The Goldhofer hydraulic modular trailer is used for heavy transportation. It is used in Power station, Mining and metallurgy enterprise, Chemical industry, Building and earthwork construction department, to transport oversize heavy cargo.

2. The Goldhofer hydraulic modular trailer is consisted of trailer main parts and accessory equipments & combination accessories which are used for modular trailer combination.

3. The hydraulic modualr trailer main parts are consisted of frame, running gear, hydraulic system, hydraulic system, braking system and electrical system. Have no walk power supply.

4. Goldhofer Hydraulic modular trailer(Q mode) have 7 kinds of hydraulic modular trailer, 2 axle-lines modular trailer, 3 axle-lines modular trailer, 4 axle-lines modular trailer, 5 axle-lines modular trailer, 6 axle-lines modular trailer, 8 axle-lines modular trailer, and 6 axle-lines self propelled modular trailer.

5. Accessory equipments have power unit, hydraulic control box, power gooseneck, power unit module (PPU) device, 4.5 meters flat beam, 6 meters flat beam, 10 meters lower plate (concave plate girder), 200 tons of rotary and etc.

6. Combination accessories have 1.5 meters traction rod, 2 meters traction rod, 2.5 meters traction rod, 3 meters traction rod, 5 meters traction rod, 8 meters extendable traction rod, side bogie, center bogie, longitudinal splicing device, transverse splice device and etc.

7. This series hydraulic modular trailer are consisted of trailer main parts, accessory equipments, and combination accessories, can achieve semi trailer traction, full trailer traction, and self propelled traction those three combination ways.

Full trailer combination: traction rod, side bogie combined with trailer main parts, can achieve two tandems full trailer combination. The largest number of combination axle-lines can reach 32 axle-lines. With traction rod, center bogie, side bogie and trailer main parts combination, it can achieve 3 and 4 tandems full trailer combinations. The largest number of combination axle-lines can reach 32 axle-lines. (Install a power unit behind, can achieve 40 axle-lines)

8. Semi trailer combination: With Power gooseneck combined with trailer main parts, can achieve two tandems semi trailer combination. The largest number of combination axle-lines can reach 32 axle-lines. (Install a power unit behind, can achieve 40 axle-lines)

9. Self propelled traction combination: It combine the power unit module (PPU) device and self-propelled unit module to be one ,which used as a power plant. Then combined with modular trailer to achieve self-propelled modular trailer. This power plant have hydraulic drive walk, hydraulic drive turning, hydraulic lifting suspension system and air brake function. But only used under the special transportation conditions( lowest speed to transport heavy cargo, under 5km/h), it can completely replace the traditional tractor.

10. Hydraulic power unit and hydraulic control box is the hydraulic power supply and hydraulic pressure control equipment of hydraulic modular trailer. Manual operation can realize trailer steering of the vehicle and the adjustment and maintenance.

hydraulic gooseneck of Goldhofer

Hydraulic gooseneck of Goldhofer

11. Concave plate girder and flat beam are the accessory equipments which designed for oversize and overweight cargo.

12. 200 tons of rotary table is used on hydraulic modular trailer, need paired use. To help transport maximum weight of 200 tons.

2.Technical parameters:

1. Trailermain parts:

1.1 Q mode hydraulic modular trailer:

a. Two axle-lines hydraulic modular trailer

Goldhofer THP/SL drawing

Axle-lines number--------------------------------------- 2


Maximum total mass(t)-------------------------------68/32.8

Curb weight(t)---------------------------------------------7

Rated capacity(t)-----------------------------------61/25.8

Every axle-line load(t)---------------------------34/16.4

Total Length(mm)----------------------------------3000

Total Width(mm)------------------------------------3000


Distance between axles(mm)----------------1500

Distance between wheel(mm)---------------1800

Tyre specification---------------------------------215/75R17.5  PR16  135/133J

Tire Rim specification----------------------------------6.00-17.5

Tyre qty.---------------------------------------------16

Wheel Angle-------------------------------------------------55°

Turning radius(mm)---------------------------------450(inside)、4070(outside)

Operating ambient temperature -25℃~+55℃

b, Three axle-lines hydraulic modular trailer

Goldhofer technology drawing

Axle-lines number-----------------------------------------3


Maximum total mass(t)-----------------------------------102/49.2

Curb weight(t)-----------------------------------------------10.5

Rated capacity(t)----------------------------------------91.5/38.7

Every axle-line load(t)----------------------------------34/16.4

Total Length(mm)----------------------------------------4500

Total Width(mm)---------------------------------------------------3000


Distance between axles(mm)--------------------------1500

Distance between wheels(mm)-----------------------------1800

Tyre specification----------------------------------------------215/75R17.5  PR16  135/133J

Tire Rim specification-----------------------------------------6.00-17.5

Tyre qty.-----------------------------------------------------------24

Wheel Angle-----------------------------------------------------55°

Turning radius(mm)---------------------------------1500(inside)、5800(outside)

Operating ambient temperature -25℃~+55℃

c. Four axle-lines hydraulic modular trailer

Goldhofer THP/SL drawing

Axle-lines number---------------------------------------------4


Maximum total mass(t)---------------------------------------136/65.6

Curb weight(t)---------------------------------------------------13.2

Rated capacity(t)-------------------------------------------122.8/52.4

Every axle-line load(t)-------------------------------------34/16.4

Total Length(mm)-------------------------------------------6000

Total Width(mm)---------------------------------------------3000


Distance between axles(mm)----------------------------1500

Distance between wheels(mm)--------------------------1800

Tyre specification------------------------------------------215/75R17.5  PR16  135/133J

Tire Rim specification-------------------------------------------6.00-17.5

Tyre qty.-------------------------------------------------------------32

Wheel Angle-------------------------------------------------------55°

Turning radius(mm)----------------------------2600(inside)、7600(outside)

Operating ambient temperature -25℃~+55℃

d. Five axle-lines hydraulic modular trailer

Goldhofer THP/SL family

Axle-lines number--------------------------------------------5


Maximum total mass(t)--------------------------------------170/82

Curb weight(t)--------------------------------------------------17.5

Rated capacity(t)------------------------------------------152.5/64.5

Every axle-line load(t)------------------------------------34/6.4

Total Length(mm)------------------------------------------7500

Total Width(mm)-------------------------------------------3000


Distance between axles(mm)---------------------------1500

Distance between wheels(mm)-------------------------1800

Tyre specification--------------------------------------215/75R17.5  PR16  135/133J

Tire Rim specification------------------------------------------6.00-17.5

Tyre qty.-----------------------------------------------------------40

Wheel Angle------------------------------------------------------55°

Turning radius(mm)---------------------------1500(inside)、5800(outside)

Operating ambient temperature -25℃~+55℃

e. Six axle-lines hydraulic modular trailer

Goldhofer hydraulic modular trailer

Axle-lines number-------------------------------------------6


Maximum total mass(t)-------------------------------------204/98.4

Curb weight(t)-------------------------------------------------21

Rated capacity(t)-----------------------------------------183/77.4

Every axle-line load(t)-----------------------------------34/16.4

Total Length(mm)-----------------------------------------9000

Total Width(mm)-------------------------------------------3000


Distance between axles(mm)--------------------------1500

Distance between wheels(mm)------------------------1800

Tyre specification-----------------------------------215/75R17.5  PR16  135/133J

Tire Rim specification-----------------------------------------6.00-17.5

Tyre qty.----------------------------------------------------------48

Wheel Angle-----------------------------------------------------55°

Turning radius(mm)--------------------------------2000(inside)、9500(outside)

Operating ambient temperature -25℃~+55℃

f. eight axle-lines hydraulic modular trailer

goldhofer technology drawing

Axle-lines number------------------------------------------8


Maximum total mass(t)------------------------------------272/131.2

Curb weight(t)------------------------------------------------28

Rated capacity(t)----------------------------------------244/103.2

Every axle-line load(t)----------------------------------34/16.4

Total Length(mm)----------------------------------------12000

Total Width(mm)------------------------------------------3000


Distance between axles(mm)-------------------------1500

Distance between wheels(mm)-----------------------1800

Tyre specification------------------------------215/75R17.5  PR16  135/133J

Tire Rim specification----------------------------------------6.00-17.5

Tyre qty.---------------------------------------------------------64

Wheel Angle---------------------------------------------------55°

Turning radius(mm)-----------------------3100(inside)、8500(outside)

Operating ambient temperature -25℃~+55℃

More detail photos and video, please visit the Performance Case of Goldhofer

3.Product main technical characteristics

A. Modular trailers can be separated and also combined. It is easy to operate conveniently.

Transverse or longitudinal combination between modular trailers. In longitudinal combination,it use hydraulic connection pin, hydraulic pressure to force,it is very easy to operate.

The module trailer can be combined to three modes of combined hydraulic modular trailer through accessory equipments and combination accessories.Full trailer mode, Semi trailer mode, Self-propelled mode.

Combined hydraulic modular trailer is consisted of two or more independent units modular trailer. It can satisfy various requirements of transportation.

B. Good safety, high reliability

a.Using the high performance quick change connector plug to connect hydraulic and gas circuit. Good sealing, convenient operation.

b.Electrical interface use international famous brand engineering heavy plug connector,reliable connect, hydraulic modular combination is fast and easy to operate.

c.The steering system of our hydraulic modular trailer install independent overflow valve to ensure the system pressure security. And also ensure the security of steering cylinder and steering mechanism.

d.Braking system use double line pressure brake arrangement, have service braking and parking braking. On both sides of the trailer install manual control valve, in emergency situation, operate the valve, can achieve air brake,to improve the ability of emergency treatment.

C. Box structure beam design, good frame carrying ability.

Frame girder for box beam structure,material with high performance welding steel plate HG785,good strength and bearing ability.

D. Lifting function.

The hydraulic modular suspension system uses hydraulic suspension,to achieve the elevator function, elevator amplitude + 300 mm.Mainly combined by rotating frame, swinging arm, hydrocylinder and type. Good bearing ability.

Main advantages as follows:

Can achieve three points support and four points support.Three hydraulic support has no positioning,when trailer run under the poor road conditions, three points support can effectively protect frame structures are not destroyed. Four points hydraulic support has positioning support mode, when the trailer run under the good road conditions,use four points hydraulic support to improve cargo loading stability, it is good for cargo security.

Can adjust frame horizontal position when run slope and ramp road.

Frame and platform can lift to achieve some loading and unloading.

If the trailer is under heavy load, the Tyre should be changed that through mat sleeper make girder fall to the ground.

Can lift wheel and axle independently, for easy to maintain and replace tires.

E. Multi-mode steering function

Steering system installs steering,cylinder,turning center plate,steering track rod and steering orifice plate. Steering orifice plate and suspension are welded one, it installed a certain number of steering rod mounting hole, by different combinations of axis, to transform steering track rod combination mode,can achieve combination need the minimum turning radius,the largest wheel steering Angle is 55 °. Steering hydraulic system equipped with hydraulic valve components,change the hydraulic valve assembly open combination state,can realize  八steering, normal car steering, oblique line three steering mode.

F. Power unit is small, do not occupy cargo loading platform space

Power unit use the German air cooling engine,small size, is a set of independent system,hydraulic tank built-in frame, can make the power unit hooking in front of vehicle or in behind of vehicle.Do not occupy cargo loading platform space(So it can achieve 40 axle -lines combination)

G. Hydraulic control operation and power unit can be together, also can be independent hook on the trailer, it can satisfy various requirements.

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