Supro Tanker Cargo Semi Trailer

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2020.07.13

1. Supro Multi axles Semi Trailer

Supro Trailer has abundant experience on the Multi axles transporter, and we lead the world technology on the transporter.Supro produces multi axles hydraulic modular trailer and multi axles low bed trailer for oversize transportation. We produced the multi axles low bed trailer by hydraulic suspension, and with a telescoping beam. And also each axle can adjust the height and make the steering movement independently.

multi axles low bed trailer

2. Supro Tanker Structure Semi Trailer

Supro produces the multi axles semi trailer for tanker cargo structure transportation. Not only the mechanical suspension multi axles semi trailer, but also we produced hydraulic suspension multi axles semi trailer. So the trailer has a better passing ability, and improve the stability during the transportation. The hydraulic suspension multi axles semi trailer also can make the steering movement and short the steering radius.

multi axles tanker cargo semi trailer

Supro Trailer produces mechanical suspension for tanker cargo transportation.

multi axles semi trailer

multi axles semi trailer

Video of the Multi axles semi trailer

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