STA-G Windmill Tower Adapter

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2020.10.28

Supro Windmill Tower Transporter

Supro Trailer produces 5 structures heavy transporters for the windmill tower transportation. "STLT-M", "STLT-H", "STA-L", "STA-N" and "STA-G". We are the most professional tower transporter manufacturer in the world, and lead the internationl technology of the tower transporter. Supro Trailer customizes the transporter against on the clients` special demands, and our transporters can meet different markets which from cheapest market to advanced market! Against on each country`s different road conditions, Supro customized transporter is able to meet various transport requirement. Our STLT-M is mechanical suspension with extendable beam, this is our most economical transport scheme. And the STLT-H use hydraulic suspension which have automatic steering and adjustable height. About the adapter of the tower, STLT-L is the most simple structure which can help our clients save lots of money. And the STA-N can combine with hydraulic modular trailer, and the STA-G has more lifting and steering functions against on STA-N.

STA-G Windmill Tower Adapter

This structure adapter is similar with European brand adapter which is high specification. The adapter has lifting cylinders to adjust the height of the tower.

Drawing of the STA-G

Photos of the European windmill tower adapter

Goldhofer windmill tower adapter

Supro STA-G Windmill Tower Adapter

goldhofer windmill tower adapter

goldhofer windmill tower adapter

goldhofer windmill tower adapter

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