Stake Semi Trailer/Construction Trailer

The biggest advantage of stake semi trailer is the safety factor is more higher when compare to other normal low bed trailer. It do not need other rope to fix and secure cargo. So if you need to transport live animals, the stake semi trailer is your best choice! Also it used to transport other bulk cargo. If you are interested in this trailer, please notice us the legnt, width and height of the trailer. And also the height of cargo platform, maximum load capacity, how may axles do you need. 

Stake Semi Trailer/Flat Trailer

Supro trailer provide full ranges of low bed trailer and dupm trailer to transport all kinds of light weight cargo form 20tons to 200 tons, such as construction machinery, sand, wood, cement, oil and other bulk cargo. We use the authentic trailer parts and high grade steel to manufacture good semi trailers for you, such as York/Fuwa axle, Jost landing legs, Double coin/Triangle tyres, Q450/Q460/Q690/T700 steel material. With our advanced robot welding,Germany 3D Numerical Control/Bending machine, skillful production workers, professional technician teams and fast international sales team, so we are confident to be our good and reliable supplier in China! With the long use time and good working performance of our low bed trailers, we are able to make your tranportation business be more economical and safe! We are your good partner to help you cut more money and energy from trailer maintenance and repair in the future to make you only concentrate on money earn business!