32m Long Beam with Hydraulic Modular Trailer

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2020.06.30

Supro Trailer Hydraulic Modular Trailer Toolings

Supro Trailer customizes the toolings for Hydraulic modular trailer to extend the functions of it, and make it to load more bigger and longer cargo! The company produces Vessel bridge, Extendable beam, Turntable, Windmill blade and tower adapters to combine with the hydraulic modular trailer. More imporatant, our technology team designs the toolings to have safe factor which above 2.0 to guarantee the transport security. During the designing process, we make the steel structure 3D model to analyse the mechanics to guarantee to loading capacity, and the cargo loading ways.

Supro Trailer is your reliable supplier of the Hydraulic modular trailer toolings!

32m Long beam for Hydraulic modular trailer

Supro produces the 32m long beam for overseas market, the beam can load Max. 200 tons cargo. It is customized by some segments, and use the combination files to change the length of the beam. Also, our engineer team make the steel structure mechanics analysis to make clear the loading capacity of each length of the beam.

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