680mm Height Nicolas Structure HMT

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2021.01.12

Supro 710mm(Full loading 680mm) height Hydraulic modular trailer can solve your height problem during the transportation!

▣ Normally, the Minimum height of Nicolas structure hydraulic modular trailer is 775mm. Supro Trailer modified the structure of it, and make it to be 710mm height.
✍ Why Supro Trailer is able to do that?
➀ Supro Trailer produces over 500 axle lines Hydraulic modular trailer every single year! The technology of the Nicolas which is so much of mature on ourside. We are able to finish the job!

➁ Supro Trailer has a professional technology team to study hydraulic accessories and cooperate with some famous hydraulic accessories factories. So that we have stable quality accessories to help us to finish the modification!

Video of the Supro 680mm Hydraulic modular trailer

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