Split Nicolas Modular Trailer (Half by Half)

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2019.08.10

Split Hydraulic modular trailer (half by half)

Supro Trailer produce oversize hydraulic modular trailer for more width cargo. And we can produce 3.4m width Nicolas structure HMT, and 3.6m width Goldhofer THP/SL HMT. In order to make more widen hydraulic modular trailer, Supro produce split hydraulic modular trailer to combine with normal 2 tandems HMT. And also the loading capacity is bigger than then normal 2 tandems HMT!

3 tandems Hydraulic modular trailer (Supro Trailer produces the half by one - 3 tandems combination accessories and steering head for the hydraulic modualr trailer)

3 tandems hydraulic modular trailer

Split hydraulic modular trailer producing

Split Nicolas trailer

Split nicolas hydraulic modular trailer

Split Goldhofer structure hydraulic modular trailer

split goldhofer trailer

Split Goldhofer trailer

Split Goldhofer trailer

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