Slip Goldhofer and 3 tandems combination

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2019.08.01

1. Supro Hydraulic Modular Trailer

1.1 Supro Trailer is a famous manufactuer of hydraulic modular trailer in the world, and we famous as our high cost performance and steady quality standard performance. Supro hydraulic trailer already get through the CE certification in 2015 year, and we are doing some OEM service for Germany company.

1.2 Supro hydraulic modular trailer combine with Goldhofer THP familiy, Nicolas MDED & MDE, Scheuerle.  And also, we are able to custmize the hyraulic modular trailer against on the cargo specical dimension and heavy weight.

1.3 Not only the whole transporter, but also Supro produce some accessories and tooling for the THP family, such as hydraulic gooseneck, hydraulic suspension, Spacer, Drop deck bed, Turntableetc.

2. Split (half by half) Goldhofer THP/SL

The specification of the Split Goldhofer is same as the normal 2 tandems Goldhofer trailer. For the detail specifcation, please visit the production information of the Goldhofer.

The split goldhofer can make the combination with the 2 tandems trailer and 3 tandems (half by one) hydraulic modular trailer to meet width overize cargo.

Also, Supro produce the steering head for 3 and 4 tandems hydraulic modular trailer.

3. Three tandems (half by one) Hydraulic modular trailer

3 tandems hydraulic modular trailer

4. Split Nicolas hydraulic modular trailer

Split Nicolas trailer

Split nicolas hydraulic modular trailer

5. Split Goldhofer THP/SL

3 files goldhofer trailer

split goldhofer trailer

Split Goldhofer trailer

Split Goldhofer trailer

Half and half modular trailer

6. Other links of the Supro Trailer

6.1 Information of the Supro THP/SL (Combine Goldhfoer THP/SL)

6.2 Performance case of Supro THP/SL

6.3 Components for Goldhofer THP/SL