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Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2019.08.10

Supro Hydraulic modular trailer - Nicolas

Supro Trailer is the first manufacturer of hydraulic modular trailer in China, and we have over 50 years experience on Nicolas structure hydraulic modular trailer manufacturing so we have over 5000 axle lines HMT totally! Supro Trailer is able to modify the structure of the Nicolas trailer to meet special cargo transport demands, so that we are providing good quality standard hydraulic modular trailer for overseas clients!

Frame of the Hydraulic modular trailer

supro nicolas trailer frame

nicolas trailer frame

Supro Trailer welding works

supro frame welding works

supro hydraulic modular trailer

In order to make steady quality standard hydraulic modular trailer, Supro Trailer use overseas brands for the trailer, such as quaick connector, hydraulic sealing, hydraulic valves etc. After the frame of the Nicolas shipped in our headquarter, our workers would install the hydraulic parts on the frame.Supro Trailer do not produce the hydraulic suspension, and we only custmized with professional hydraulic parts of the hydraulic suspension. Supro engineer team give the design and idea to the hydraulic parts factory, and study with them to make the good hydraulic suspension for our hydraulic modular trailer.

suspension of the nicolas hydraulic modular trailer

hydraulic suspension of the nicolas trailer

After assmebly of the hydraulic parts, Supro will make the electric and air system assembly, also make the painting to finish the works.

nicolas hydraulic modular trailer

supro hydraulic modular trailer

Overrall of the Supro - Nicolas trailer

nicolas hydraulic modular trailer

nicolas hydraulic modular trailer

supro hydraulic modular trailer

One after one, combination of the Supro-Nicolas hydraulic modular trailer.

nicolas hydraulic modular trailer

nicolas hydraulic modular trailer

nicolas mded

nicolas mde

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