Turntable with Modular Trailer

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2019.08.26

What does Supro produce turntable structure transporter?

In order to transport a long and ragid cargo, Supro produces turntable structure transporters for the projection. We produce the turntable to combine with Hydraulic modular trailer which includes Goldhofer, Nicolas, Scheuerle. Supro Trailer also can produce the turntable to combine with your SPMT. Supro customizes the turntable against on 2 tandems, 3 tandems and 4 tandems hydraulic modular trailer (SPMT), so that it can load over 1000 tons cargo! For the heavy duty cargo, Supro produces different structures turntable on the rear and front transporters to improve the safety factor and guarantee the cargo sercurity! Not only the hydraulic modular traile r, but also Supro produce the turntable to work with normal flatbed semi trailer to save cost for our clients.

Draiwing of the Turntable with Hydraulic modular trailer

hydraulic modular trailer turntable

turntable with hydraulic modular trailer

Turntable with flatbed semi trailer

flatbed semi trailer turntable

flatbed semi trailer with turntable

flatbed semi trailer with turntable

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