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Turntable with Modular Trailer
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Supro Hydraulic Modular Trailer

Supro Trailer is a famous manufacturer of Hydraulic modular trailer in the world. We produce High stardard of hydraulic modular trailer for European transport companines. 

Our Hydraulic modular trailer could combine with Goldhofer modular trailerNicoals modular trailerScheuerle modular trailer etc. 

Hydraulic Modular Trailer Accessories

Supro Trailer also could produce the  accessories and toolings for your hydraulic modular trailer. Such as the Suspension, Hydraulic gooseneck( GoldhoferNicolas) , Tow barSteering head ( GoldhoferNccolas, 2 files, 3 files and 4 files), Combination accessories, PannelPower pack etc. 

To solve some special and oversize cargo transportation. We produce Turntable ( for long and rigid cargo), Drop deck bedGirder bridgeSpacer etc to enforce the hydraulic modular trailer, and extend the function of the hydraulic modular trailer. 

Turntable for Hydraulic modular trailer

The Max. loading capacity of the Turntable could be 500 tons/ pcs. One set of the Turntable has 2pcs, so it could be 1000 tons loading capacity. And the turntable should combine with 4 files Hydraulic modular trailer

The turntable should used for long and ragid cargo. And must be ragid structure cargo! 

Supro Trailer make the Turntable to combine with Goldhofer trialer, Nicolas trailer and Scheuerle trailr. 

goldhofer turntable 

Scheuerle turntable 

Scheuerle turntable 

Scheuerle turntable 

Scheuerle turntable

Why cooperate with Supro Trailer

1. Supro Trailer has over 50 years experience on heavy transporters such as Hydraulic modular trailer, Extendable trailer, Girder bridge, Equipments with modular trailer etc. We are the first factory of hydraulic modular trailer in China.

2. Supro Trailer can produce the modular trailer combine with Goldhofer THP/SL, Nicolas MDED, Nicolas MDE, Comitto, Scheuerle. You can buy Supro modular trailer to combine with your owned trailer.

3. We can provide the most professional transport scheme for you according to your special cargo dimension and weight. The most safety and economy scheme.

4. Supro Trailer has abundant experience on CE certification. We exported heavy transporters to France, Germany, Russian, England etc.