What`s the difference between Supro and Nicolas

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2019.12.03

1. Supro Hydraulic Modular Trailer

Supro Trailer is a famous manufacturer of hydraulic modular trailer in the world. We make the trailer same with Goldhofer family, TII family (Nicolas and Scheuerle).

Supro hydraulic trailer get throug the CE certification in 2015 year and exported to France company, and now we are doing to OEM service for Germany company now.

Supro CE hydraulic platform trailer

2. Supro - Nicolas structure hydraulic modular trailer

2.1 Against on the Nicolas structure trailer, Supro make the own desin of the hydraulic modular trailer wich could load 50 tons cargo per axle line.

supro hydraulic modular trailer

2.2 Not make the own structure of hydraulic modular trailer, but also Supro make the Mobile Transformer Substation and Space Rocket transporter against on the Nicolas trailer.

Mobile Transformer Substation Transporter

Mobile Transformer Substation

China Space Rockets Transporter

space rockets transporter

3. Supro and Nicolas hydraulic modular trailer

Supro Trailer produce the first set of China hydraulic modular trailer in 1970s, so we already have accumulated 50 years experience on the hydralic modular trailer. We understood the whole technology of the Nicolas trailer. Also, Supro enforce the structure of the Nicolas trailer

3.1 Supro make the same trailer to combine with Nicolas family (MDED, and MDE). After some oversize clients and domestic clients verification. Supro Trailer is able to parallel with Nicolas (MDED and MDE), so does our toolings such as Drop deck bed, Spacer, Turntable, Girder bridge etc.

Rear combination of the Nicolas MDED

Nicolas MDED

Rear combination part of the Supro MDED

Supro MDED

3.2 Supro make the integrated casting producing technology to take replace of the welding technology of the hydraulic supsension to avoid the crakage problem.

Nicolas hydraulic suspension

nicolas suspension

Supro hydrualic suspension

hydrualic suspension of nicolas

nicolas hydraulic suspension

3.3 In order to make the Supro trailer to combine with more heavier drop deck bed and spacer, Supro make more one piece of the combination file.

Nicolas combination files, totally 3 pieces

nicolas trailer

Supro make 4 pieces of the combination files

supro modular trailer

3.4 Supro Trailer make the frame beam be more stronger ( enforce the height and thickness of the beam)

Nicolas frame beam

nicolas frame beam

Supro frame beam

supro hydraulic modular trailer

3.6 Supro also make the sealed frame for the hydraulic modular trailer to enforce the strength of the frame.

Nicolas frame structure

nicolas hydraulic modular trailer

Supro sealed frame structure

supro hydraulic modular trailer