What`s the difference between Supro and Nicolas

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2019.12.03

Supro and Nicolas hydraulic modular trailer

Supro Trailer produce the first set of China hydraulic modular trailer in 1970s which was adsorbed the technology of Nicolas hydraulic modualr trailer. So that we have over 50 years experience on the struture, even our technlology is much better than the Nicolas company. Supro make the Hydraulic modular trailer to combine with Nicolas MDED, and MDE. Not only the parallel with operation, but also we enforce the structure of Supro Hydraulic modular trailer to make it be more stronger!

Supro Trailer make one more piece of the combination file that can load much heavier drop deck bed!

Original combination part of the Nicolas MDED that only has 3 files

france nicolas rear combination files

Rear combination part of the Supro Hydraulic modular trailer which has 4 combination files

And also Supro Trailer can make the 3 files hydraulic modular trailer to combine with Original Nicolas structure

supro hydraulic modular trailer combine nicolas

Supro make the integrated casting producing technology to take replace of the welding technology of the hydraulic supsension to enforce the strength of the suspension and avoid the crakage problem.

Nicolas welded hydraulic suspension

nicolas suspension

Supro casting made hydrualic suspension

hydrualic suspension of nicolas

nicolas hydraulic suspension

Supro Trailer makes the thickness of the main beam be higher to enforce the strength of the vehicle frame and improve the loading capacity.

Nicolas frame beam

nicolas frame beam

Supro frame beam

supro hydraulic modular trailer

Video of the Supro Hydraulic modular trailer

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