Spacer/Connect beam

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2019.08.26

Spacer for Hydraulic modular trailer

Supro Trailer produces toolings for Hydraulic modular trailer and extend the working functions of the trailer. Such as we produce Drop deck bed to reduce the whole height of the transporter, Turntable for long and rigid cargo etc.. We welcome you any customization of the tooling. Usually we use Spacer to extend the length of the hydraulic modular trailer cargo platform. The spacer two structures, one is light structure and another one is heavy structure. The light structure only extend the length of the cargo platform, and can not be the loading points of the cargo. And the heavy structure can be the loading points of the cargo.

6m Spacer of Nicolas structure hydraulic modular trailer(Heavy structure)spacer with hydraulic modular trailer

hydraulic modular trailer spacer

6m Spacer for Nicolas structure Hydraulic modular trailer (Light structure) nicolas spacer

nicolas spacer

9m length Spacer for Goldhofer ( Light structure)goldhofer spacer

goldhofer spacer

goldhofer spacer