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Supro Flatbed Trailer

Supro Trailer produce "Low bed trailer" and Flatbed trailer. The cargo platform of the Low bed trailer is lower than Gooseneck and the Tyre platform. The flatbed trailer could has no goosenck, or has the gooseneck and the cargo platform is same height with the Tyre platform.

Structures of the Flatbed semi trailer

1. Small Full Trailer

small full trailer

2. Flatbed full trailer with turntable

The trailer has a turntable above the platform, it is for long cargo transport such as Bridge gird, Long pipes. The turntable could steer +30/-30 degrees. The loading capacity of the trailer could beyond 100 tons. 

And also, Supro Trailer produce "Turntable with Hydraulic modular trailer" to load much heavier cargo! 

flatbed trailer turntable

turntable with flatbed trailer

3. Flatbed platform with gooseneck

We could customize the dimension and loading capacity of the trailer. 

3 axles flatbed trailer

4. Multi axles flatbed trailer

The multi axle flatbed trailer should have steering axles. And Supro Trailer designed two steering structures of the multi axle trailer. One is "Pneumatic steering trailer", and the another one is "Hydraulic steering trailer". The price is pneumatic steering trailer is more better. 

hydraulic steering flatbed trailer

pneumatic steering trailer

5. Drop side trailer

Supro Trailer could custimize the flatbed trailer has drop sides to transport break bulk cargos. 

drop side trailer

6. Stake semi trailer

stake semi trailer

7. Flatbed Container trailer

Supro Trailer produce normal 20ft and 40ft "Container trailer" and also we produce special container trailers such as "Tipper container trailer", "Side loader container trailer" and "Extendable container trailer". 

flatbed container trailer

For more detail photos of the Semi Trailer, please visit the link of " Performace Case of Semi Trailer

Supro Trailer workshops of the Flatbed Semi Trailer

Supro Trailer has a modernzing factory workshpes and automatic production line of the semi trailers. We have Robot arm welding, Automatic sanding and painting, 3D loading test laboratory etc. So that Supro Trailer provide high stardard quality semi trailers to the globe market! 

Supro Trailer Workshops Video


Robot Arm Welding

flatbed trailer welding

Supro Flatbed Trailer 

Spuro Trailer produce various strucure of the flatbed cargo platform trailer. Not only for simple fixed axles, but also for multi steering axles flatbed trailer. 

We custmize the trailer agaisnt on your special demands. 


FAQ of the flatbed trailer. 

1. Please confirm what kind of trailer structure do you need. And what`s the cargo you are going to transport?
2. How many sets do you want? 
3. How much the loading length? 
4. How much the width and height? 
5. Do you have limited loading capacity of per axle and per tyre?
6. Do you need ABS?
7. About the suspension, we have spring leaf suspension, and air suspension. Which one do you need? 

8. About the rear ladder, we have spring ladder and hydraulic ladder. Which one do you need? 

Specification sheet of the Flatbed trailer


Flatbed trailer



Full trailer, Gooseneck flatbed trailer,Multi axle flatbed trailer, Flatbed trailer with turntbale. Drop sides trailer, Stakes trailer

Delivery time:

30-90 days against advanced payment

Minimum order quantity:

1 sets


Tare Weight


Loading capacity







Outside Dimensions (LxWxH)

Could be custmized

King Pin

3.5’’ traction pin, bolts in type


Mechanical suspension, American design

Steel Spring

12mm thickness,100mm width

Rear ladder (ramps)

Two pieces spring steel ladder


Axle No./ weight

/ brand

13T Fuwa axle 




Tire specs




Number of Tire


Spare Tire Carriers

One set of spare wheel carriers, including a riser.




Frame: (specs. and materials)


Main beam

Heavy duty and extra durability designed; Opting for high tensile steel Q345B, welding by automatic Submerged-Arc processes.
 "I" beam, Top Flange , Middle Flange, Bottom Flange are against on loading capacity

Side beam

30# “I” beam


5 mm chequer plate

Landing Gear

JOST Standard 28ton 







Brake system

Two units of WABCO RE 4 relay valve; four units of T30/30 spring Four double and two single brake chamber; two units of T30 brake chamber, one unit of reliable local brand 45L air tank; two units of reliable local brand standard coppery air-connector. 

ABS system







One unit of 24V 7-pin ISO 1185 socket; two sets of reliable LED light,  standard rear light, turn light, rear reflector, side light, side reflector etc.

Front marker lamp

Front corner marker lamp is red, Reflector lamp is white








Sand blasting before painting;
One coat of primer, anti-corrosion;
Two coats of finish painting;
Color according to the requirement of the buyer


According to the requirement of the buyer

Side Guard

According to the requirement of the buyer

Tools box

One piece 

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