Drop Deck Bed for Nicolas Hydraulic modular trailer

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2021.04.29

Supro Toolings for Hydraulic Modular Trailer - Makes your hydraulic modular trailer be more usable.

Supro Trailer designs and produces toolings for hydraulic modular trailer (Nicolas and Goldhofer) what agaisnt on the cargo special information and the clients` local road conditions. Supro Trailer produces the Windmill tower and blade adapters , Telescoping beams, Spacer, Turntable, Drop deck bed etc to combine with hydraulic modular trailer!

About the Drop deck bed, Supro Trailer has multi structures of it:

Normal drop deck bed.

Telescoping beam of the drop deck bed.

Width adjustable drop deck bed.

Combination segments drop deck bed.

Overload drop deck bed with weight sharing beams putted on hydraulic modular trailer.

Photos of the normal Drop deck bed of Nicolas hydraulic modular trailer

nicolas drop deck bed

nicolas drop deck bed

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