Front platform and cylinder system

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2019.07.03

Supro Girder Bridge Trailer

Supro Trailer Produce the Girder bridge for the small and heavy cargo transport, such as the Transformer. The Girder bridge combine with Hydrualic modular trailer ( we could make our Girder bridge to combine with Goldhofer, Nicolas and Scheuerle modular trailer).

Drawing of the Girder bridge

Before study the Supro Girder bridge, we suggest to start the reading from the overall of the Girder bridge.

The Girder bridge has main five sections.

1. The Front supporting cylinder and platform.

It has a supporting cylinder and an operation platform.

2. The middle loading beam and side beams.

The Girder bridge has a weight sharing beams on the modular trailer. Then after the weight sharing beam, it is side beams. And in the middle of the Girder bridge, it is loading beams which has hang beams.

3. Hang beams.

The hang beams load the cargo, and the positions are flexible.

4. Width adjustable cylinders

The width of the loading beams is adjustable by the middle cylinders.

5. Rear supporting cylinder and steering cylinders.

The rear part of the Girder bridge is a big cylinder to lift the Girder bridge, and also it has fours steering cylinders to help the steering.

Drawing of the Supro Girder bridge

500 tons girder bridge trailer

Video of the front platform and lifting cylinder system

Scheuerle girder bridge trailer

The front part of the girder bridge has an operation platform and a hydraulic oil cylinder. The hydraulic oil cylinder lift the whole Girder bridge.

Scheuerle girder bridge trailer

The above photo is the side view of the front beams. The bottom is the weight sharing beam, upper is the operation platform (right side) and lifting cylinder (left side). And above the oil cylinder is the side beam of the Girder bridge.

Scheuerle girder bridge trailer

Scheuerle girder bridge trailer

The hydraulic system and air system of the Girder bridge

Scheuerle girder bridge trailer

Scheuerle girder bridge trailer

The front big cylinder of the lifting function.

Scheuerle girder bridge trailer

The power pack for the hydraulic system (steering and jack up). The girder bridge should has two sets of the power pack to supply the engine to the front system and rear system.

Scheuerle girder bridge trailer

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